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Take care of your own fish

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        Take good care of the fish within your body

No, I am not kidding. Have you notice that there is a pond of ‘fish’ inside your body. Really? In fact, I refer ‘fish’ as ‘cell’ that saying is easy for us to see what is happening under the skin. Please listen to me for further explaining:
A cell is the smallest living creature acting as fish with blood as water. In the special pond of human body, it seems that the fish occupy more space than water. How does the pool get enough oxygen for the consuming of these animals? The closed blood-vessel-system has a good port with a long sealine that is 'lungs’.  This organ looks like a sponge with too many holes inside which can offer about 60 square meters for the market where the trading of exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen is quite active without stopping.  The problem is that sometimes the master interfere the normal order of the market when he (or she)is in bad mood.  For an example:Tom runs fast on playground for competition. Each cell has to burn more glucose with oxygen just as a car-engine for enough power. This is terrible burden for the lung-port where there is too much goods for importing or exporting. The worst thing is that some tissues may feel painful for a long time due to the delayed supply problem. The master still feel tired till next day when waking up. Some people become ill when too much acid things have gathered together around a certain tissue due to lack of oxygen. In order to obtain a good environment for every cell, the master should pay much attention to the transportation system: With strength totally throw away the rubbish first by lowering the lung-pressure for minutes; Then take in the cargo from overseas under high pressure also for enough time. In this way the red-blood-cell trucks will run in high efficiency. This kind of special breathing seems like a war that can activate all part of the body. 

In one word,all of us should learn from the fish-pedlar who enjoys pumping fresh air into the tank in which the sea animals can be as energetic as tigers.  

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Reply Report SEARU 2020-3-4 19:08
I had become excited after a wonderful walking around the wheat fields before I stroke the topic on which content I have thought a lot these days.  I will keep the note for ever since I wrote it in blood with each word produced after hard thinking!
Reply Report SEARU 2020-3-4 22:57
Sorry for the errors.  Now the right things as following:
a.  Have you 'noticed' that ......
b.    has a good port with a long 'seashore-line' that is 'lungs’.

(We can also think that the lungs consist of countless small ‘balloons' which rubber-surface area in total is about equal to half of volley-court.)

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