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The interesting ‘lung’

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   The word ‘lung’ is more interested beyond your imagination

In Chinese 肺 stands for ‘lungs’.  Its first part is 月 which originally means ‘the Moon’ but here that  indicating something related to human body. (Many Chinese characters concerning the body have such a component. );  市 means 'market or ‘exchange’. Why?  巾 is ‘a towel’. In ancient times the pedlars held up an advertising 'banner' hanging down from 'a horizon stick'.   The whole character 肺 shows that it is an organ acting as market where there is exchanging of gas.

Now I think the English word 'lung' is also as pictographic as its Chinese counterpart.  Its first letter 'l' represents the long wind-pipe of the lungs including the nose at the top for starting; The second one ‘u’ looks like 'air' inside of the alveoli; The third one ‘n’ should be ‘oxygen’; The last one ‘g’ looks like the curved tiny blood vessels around the wall of the alveoli. The oxygen is going to get into the blood stream.  You may also think about it in another way: The shape of ‘g’ looks exactly like that of the red-blood-cell! 

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Reply Report SEARU 2020-3-3 18:00
Some friends might wonder if SEARU's saying is scientific?.  Does the training have negative effect on health?  Now, let me make explaining in this way as the following:
Suppose that you are an athlete swimmer and asked to dive a long distance for competition, during the running period you are allowed to expose the head for fresh-air-breathing above the surface of water but without any movement ahead. How will do you?
Before the starting, you had better take deep breathing for minutes so that you can store oxygen as much as possible for the upcoming hard work.  The word ‘oxygen’ is funny: 'ox-y-gen'! Which gas can make you as strong as an ox!  (That reminds me its brothers hydro-gen and nitro-gen. )  It is easy for you to do nothing on breathing at first (for 20 seconds);  Then go on with the inside gas blowing out of the mouth for half a minute.   ...... (It is said that hero can keep his body under water without oxygen for more than 10 minutes!)  
So all the process is as same as my ‘martial art’ that should certainly be safe in science.

Many professionals can do wonderful job on cooperation with the lungs. For example:Trumpet-player,  who has ex-ordinary large lung volume for a long blowing without stopping; That singer has been ‘shouting’ in high tone for minutes while you can't find out when and how he sucked ‘new’ air for energy during the performance.

Even acting as a farmer, the heavy labour job requires me to do well on breathing. Or I will easily become tired.

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