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Can few viruses work as vaccine

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Thanks for your reply in which there is a shining point! I feel delighted for the news that some animals are positive to the terrible virus.
We have to admit the ice-cold fact that the novel corona viruses are hard to be contained if without vaccine no matter how hard we try!  It is impossible for us to totally kill the invisible enemies and drive them away from the Globe once they were created by the God. Sooner or later some of us will meet them in some way somewhere. If you are lucky, only few viruses invade your breathing system that amount is exactly necessary for the immune system to produce enough antivirus cells to deal with the invaders, you will win and survive;   If you meet with a lot of viruses in short time, you will certain need help from doctors. 
At present, all citizens on the Earth are in urgent need of the medical weapons, such as masks, 70% of alcohol and so on. But no one can solve the supply problem overnight. We have to look for the similar goods for replacement. I believe some of them will also play ‘positive’ role in battle against the viruses.

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