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How to deal with foreign textbooks in China

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Recently officials banned directly using foreign textbooks in primary schools. I made a reply as comment to that post:
"The introduction of this regulation has something to do with the Hong Kong crisis. As a teacher I have posted many writings on the textbook issue. I feel that there are many problems with our current textbooks for kids. The bottom reason is that we are poor on telling children a definite explaining to a certain concept if compared with our foreign counterparts. In English you can see colorful descriptions about the same word while our traditional teaching method( only-one-key-to-the problem) limits children‘s development on thinking! 
If you really want to improve the quality of China education,we must change our out-dated speaking-writing style. Only in this way, the future our nation's textbooks will be as perfect as foreign ones on quality. 
(By the way, I think the original English texts on science should be free in primary-middle school. ) ".

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Reply Report sulagu 2020-1-8 18:47
I also do not think China should continue to use English text books.  Education to a nation is a matter of sovereignty.  To use foreign text book would confuse our kids' sense of identity.  One case is French computer input key board system is made French , different to US and UK.  Even English English keeps its difference to American English.   Korea and Japan have to use Chinese charaters , but reformed it to show a national identity in languages.    Chinese people have been reading too much  English, its time to change.    Good text books could be imported and read, but put them in library . The Chinese classroom should remain Chinese.   By the way,  China's kids have won quite a few of no. 1 in world contexts , in Math, Reading, Sciences.   It is time  to make better text books by ourselves.

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    To the editor:
    I don't know the reason why my this comment to other‘s thread did not get approval. Now there is no problem if I store it as private diary! ’

  • How to deal with foreign textbooks in China 2020-1-21 17:25

    Chinese people can read many other things outside their textbooks, and textbooks are the books in a school many students do not read at all. Many stduents at the end of the term stillkeep good and clean textbooks in their dorm. They can be sent to rural boys and grils again.

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