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How to carry schoolbag

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Just now I saw a little girl walking to school whose back looks a bit bent maybe because the schoolbag on the back was too heavy for her age. As we know many Chinese kids are near-sighted with bent back due to the un-scientific sitting pose.  Yes, why not to carry the bag on the chest with the handles also going around shoulders. The master has to raise up the head and lower the shoulders to keep new balance of the body  for walking. So the backbone  will  bend backward in a natural way. That is a nice method to correct your bent-back.
I felt happy for that the girl took my advice in smile. 
It will be funny for kids to carry schoolbag in the front who will instantly become taller than before.  I  wish this style become popular in the future.


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Reply Report KIyer 2019-11-9 08:04
Your concern is good. The suggestion for carrying the weight from the front is probably not a good idea, for very heavy bags. This is because, naturally, we are evolved to carry heavier loads on our backs and less from the front - the lever effect (distance of the load from the point of support on our hips) is farther in the front than on our back - muscles in our back are better designed to cope with heavy loads with the load placed closer to the spine (on our shoulders or even the  top of the head). Carrying heavy loads from the front will cause damage to the chest and the muscles in the stomach.. Please consult a doctor or physical therapist before offering authoritative suggestions. They can potentially cause more harm than good.
But, very good point on overloading of school bags. My kids suffered through this too. The schools need to address this as policy and reduce the load.

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  • How to carry schoolbag 2019-11-12 11:38

    KIyer: Searu, my friend, my earlier comment is questioning your assertion that carrying the school bag from the front is good. I think it is best to carry th ...
    Certainly all things are relatively right or wrong. How to carry an object is decided by yourself. I feel strange why Korean people joy taking heavy things on the head for transporting. I wonder if the head is painful with a stone on and the neck is strong enough to bear the load?
    I think my proposal is good to train kids to have a nice sense on correct pose of walking or sitting. A straight backbone means much to health and self-confidence.  That helps you set up a shining image before the public.

  • How to carry schoolbag 2019-11-11 09:27

    SEARU: Thanks for your powerful comment that is so professional and constructive! We need creative inventions in details of schooling. Yes, carrying schoolba ...
    Searu, my friend, my earlier comment is questioning your assertion that carrying the school bag from the front is good. I think it is best to carry the bag in the back as nature designed us. We just need to reduce the load. The same load on the front is worse than at the back of the body.

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