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A strange explaining about economy

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That English dictionary told me 'economy’ means "How the government collect money from the public and then spend those coins on social affairs or projects.” But our Chinese version of the same term(经济) goes much complicated than the former! Here I would like tell you my personal understanding to the concept as the following:
 originally refers to the vertical threads of cloth that mother used wooden machine to weave. This character should represent ‘clothing’ for people;
has three parts: The three-drop-water on the left side reminds you ‘Streams join together and then form a river’!;
                            '文’ looks like a thin scholar with weak waist that means ‘man’!
                            What is it under ‘文’?  That seems like two extra legs adding to the man! Yes, you may take it as ‘wooden legs to art                                      performer on the stage or in the street’ which instruments can let you become 3-5 meters taller in a moment!  In fact 济 means ‘to step into the river and cross it’ or simply ‘cross a river by boat’. 
In general 济 in economy should represent ‘food for all citizens’ since without river-irrigation you can not grow crops for the stomach! It is river that has raised you up as the shape of 齐 shows for body-language!
In one word our Chinese saying ‘经济’ should concludes two aspects for people‘s lives: clothes and food! Which are important for the stability of the society specially in the ancient times!  Even in the modern era, you may think the real estate industry as something related to 'clothing’! 

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Reply Report mauriciomunhoz 2019-4-1 12:20
I find this Chinese definition of economics very interesting. And it opens a very great difference with the definition in English language, turned to the notion of a levying government, while the Chinese notion turns to the food supply to the people, and the symbology of the river as source of riches.
Reply Report SEARU 2019-4-1 14:36
mauriciomunhoz: I find this Chinese definition of economics very interesting. And it opens a very great difference with the definition in English language, turned to  ...
The word eco-nomy has two parts: The first means ‘living environment’ while the second one is ‘system or state or study’! So reasonable analysis of word structure is useful for our comprehension to some diffident terms!
On many occasions I have urged the education authority to organize a special committee to have a good research on the difference of expressing styles of different dictionaries! People tell kids their own stories about world. We must learn from each other on teaching. Let children benifit from the culture-exchanging-market!

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  • Bull encourages us forward 2019-5-21 22:57

    Were you talking to yourself?! or to the shadow of yourself?

  • Bull encourages us forward 2019-5-21 10:59

    I noticed your this ‘strange’ and ‘weak’ comment as soon as it got approval by the editor but I hesitated to make an instant reply! Now I think the best answer should be as the following:
    If explained in our culture dog is good at shouting empty slogans! The first part of 狗(dog)looks exactly like the animal‘s body jumping up in the air from the ground and 句 seems as ‘’the widely-opening mouth’ plus 口(mouth). 句 originally means ‘sentence’ but here it should hint that the animal is shouting again and again without stopping which can not do anything else for its master!
    According to our custom, we look down this kind of beast!

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