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Have moderate expectation about your future spouse

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If you want to do some sewing, it is Ok when you have got a sharp needle for the job. And that is impossible and unnecessary if you try hard to find the sharpest needle in the world for your task! 
This principle is full of philosophy and also fit for you to look for your spouse for life!
I wish more young people take my advice. The world will become paradise for all of us!

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Reply Report SEARU 2019-3-21 10:03
One of my relative with post-graduate degree has strict demand on his dreamed girlfriend who becomes a headache for parents since many good chances have been missed for marriage! Don't always fly yourself in the air as plane with no foot touching the ground! Wise man should do work under the present conditions!
Reply Report HailChina! 2019-3-26 05:25
I need a much sharper needle than the one O am working with right now.
Reply Report SEARU 2019-3-26 15:24
HailChina!: I need a much sharper needle than the one O am working with right now.

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    志 shows ‘The heart of a ambitious man’.  The heart(心)can be understood as a boat supporting the man for living!  Yes, we live for dream to be realized by all means! The body language of 志 is so powerful that it always offers me too much bravery and strength to face kinds of difficulties and struggle for the primary destination set by myself a long time ago!

  • What is 志 2019-5-26 16:45

    To foreign friends: Please pay attention to the difference of 士 (man)and 土(earth)!  Both have the same component ‘十’;The first has a short horizon line  while the latter with a longer stroke for bottom!
    For 土: the cross '十' symbols ‘one single of dust’ while the big horizon line should be ‘the surface of the ground’’!  That is why 土 means ‘earth’!

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