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The story about 溪 sounds complicated

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Last night I noticed that the Chinese character 溪(xi)is (was)funny!  Now let’s have a close look:The left part of the word is called ‘three-drop-water' that symbols three streams running to the river(江).  And the main part of 江 is 工 which looks the two banks with one bridge across! 

The top of the right part of 溪 contains four strokes: The first one represents the sky and the remaining three ones seem like rain drops which are falling down and getting together somewhere!?? 
幺 is the smallest number ‘1' in Chinese which should represent ‘tiny' here;  The component  大  means ‘big‘: That physical-education teacher told me: 大 shapes like a man stretching legs and arms out!
So how the stream is formed in nature? Countless rain drops are collected together forming a small ‘river' which will certainly grow from tiny to bigger! That is the lovely green blood of the hill through which we can see the spirit of the mountain!
The character 乡 means ‘countryside” which shape always reminds me the curved earth paths in the rural area!  Now the 幺 in 溪 can show the stream is running through a long curved way till it becomes stronger and stronger!

(To reader friends:I am afraid it will take you a long time for your digestion to my this post. Sorry for the trouble! ) Kidding!

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Reply Report 财神 2019-3-23 15:42
Thanks for your compliment, i would enjoy to be here if the blog platform is reformed and spread some inspiration for us.  however sometimes i use to log on hoping any changes has been done for bloggers but desperately won't able to find any improvement.
and next:
For example 已 and 己 is Seems same but meaning is different. likewise there might be many words that could be explored here for the learner's attention. Thanks!

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  • What is 志 2019-6-4 09:31

    财神: Good job sir!  keep it up।
    So delighted for your feedback! It is always funny if we have further analysis on some special Chinese characters through which we can better understand our national treasure-tradition!

  • What is 志 2019-6-4 09:10

    Good job sir!  keep it up।

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