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The story about 溪 sounds complicated

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Last night I noticed that the Chinese character 溪(xi)is (was)funny!  Now let’s have a close look:The left part of the word is called ‘three-drop-water' that symbols three streams running to the river(江).  And the main part of 江 is 工 which looks the two banks with one bridge across! 

The top of the right part of 溪 contains four strokes: The first one represents the sky and the remaining three ones seem like rain drops which are falling down and getting together somewhere!?? 
幺 is the smallest number ‘1' in Chinese which should represent ‘tiny' here;  The component  大  means ‘big‘: That physical-education teacher told me: 大 shapes like a man stretching legs and arms out!
So how the stream is formed in nature? Countless rain drops are collected together forming a small ‘river' which will certainly grow from tiny to bigger! That is the lovely green blood of the hill through which we can see the spirit of the mountain!
The character 乡 means ‘countryside” which shape always reminds me the curved earth paths in the rural area!  Now the 幺 in 溪 can show the stream is running through a long curved way till it becomes stronger and stronger!

(To reader friends:I am afraid it will take you a long time for your digestion to my this post. Sorry for the trouble! ) Kidding!

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Reply Report SEARU 2019-3-23 10:03
财神: I wish you could collect some Chinese Characters which seems almost same but the meanings are different.
So long I haven't 'seen' you!  I feel delighted to meet you here! Thaks for reading and comment. Yesterday I had a talk with my that vice-headmaster who is also a Chinese language teacher. He laughed at me for the ‘strange’ explaining to the character of 江.  He said: " There is a book named 《说文解字》which is more scientific to explain how Chinese characters were invented!” But I think everyone has his or her own Buddhist in the heart. Ienjoy sharing my personal view with blogger friends  on many interesting topics!

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  • Good child can go anywhere 2019-4-20 09:13

    Feeling so shameful for the fact that my this post was labeled as ‘passing’ , it was hard for me to get into sleep last night! When I woke up this morning, I thought the best title for the blog should have been “Where is your potential energy?” (Of course there is no ‘question-mark’ in headline.)
    Special note: You may think that the character 力 can be understood as 'A man with strong legs and arms"! And 穷 shapes like ‘A man in cave-prison who can not fully make use of labor ability for living!
    In China we often say: "好男儿志在四方!" ---------A good boy is so ambitious that he takes the whole world as the stage for the  performance of his talent!
    For this reason I named the original title which has a long distance to the content and hard to be recognized by reader friends! Sorry for the rude work style on writing!

  • Good child can go anywhere 2019-4-19 15:15

    The title does not pair the content?

    "To make fortune with bare hands”?

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