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Let's say no to repeating

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                                          Repeating acts like drug in China

Repeating has been heroine-like drug for so long in China!  Grandfather told me: “In the class the teacher always hold a stick with which he might punish you through a bitter hitting when you failed to recite the classical text. All children were asked to re-tell the model article without one-word-error. It is said good students can repeat some text in reverse order! In special case, Tom could tell out a certain sentence appearing in what line and what page of the book!” Sometimes the master beat that naughty pupil to half death. It reminds me what happened even to me (SEARU) when I was Grade Two: That rude teacher whipped me on the head with a long bamboo-branch leaving it was going to bleeding! I had to keep silence with tears in the eyes!  What made the things worse was that parents were ready to allow the teacher to be hard on poor children! (In fact they thought it was right to be strict with little kids on lessons!)  This is bad tradition for Chinese to worship powerful memory more rather than independent thinking!  In foreign countries people enjoy communicate with each other in free words without any repeating who seldom do reciting job! Kids are encouraged to tell out the same story from the textbook in different ways through their own comprehension. 

In our class students waste too time on sum-doing again and again. There are one thousand of questions are waiting for you to solve in order to 'fully understand one formula or principal’ in science book! Teachers do lecturing by repeating the textbook like recorder and students copy what on the blackboard word to word as parrot learns human language! All repeating job must be done for the serious exam to enter university! In the schooling system from the headmaster to the kids plus their parents are poisoned by the heroine-repeating! 

This is ugly phenomenon in the culture area. We must have cool head on the seriousness of the problem since that is why we are poor on the productivity of thinking!  We should do all means to update modern working style and let kids think in high efficiency from early age just as what is going on abroad!  TV and newspapers can play important role for the progress! That is an urgent task for all Chinese! 

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Reply Report KIyer 2019-2-14 12:01
True, this was the culture (still is perhaps) in many parts of India. I can related to this growing up. I reckon you will make a difference in the lives of many students, being a teacher. Good on you, my friend!

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  • Good child can go anywhere 2019-4-20 09:13

    Feeling so shameful for the fact that my this post was labeled as ‘passing’ , it was hard for me to get into sleep last night! When I woke up this morning, I thought the best title for the blog should have been “Where is your potential energy?” (Of course there is no ‘question-mark’ in headline.)
    Special note: You may think that the character 力 can be understood as 'A man with strong legs and arms"! And 穷 shapes like ‘A man in cave-prison who can not fully make use of labor ability for living!
    In China we often say: "好男儿志在四方!" ---------A good boy is so ambitious that he takes the whole world as the stage for the  performance of his talent!
    For this reason I named the original title which has a long distance to the content and hard to be recognized by reader friends! Sorry for the rude work style on writing!

  • Good child can go anywhere 2019-4-19 15:15

    The title does not pair the content?

    "To make fortune with bare hands”?

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