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DOES China need revolution on expressing method

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With the rapid development of Chinese economy, more and more China-made industrial products have reached every corner of the Globe. But as a teacher I often feel ashamed for that few of our TV dramas or movies or novels can win the heart of foreign friends. I seems that something is wrong with our 'traditional' expressing style that is quite different from foreign one and hard to recognized abroad. Badly influenced by the Great Cultural Revolution too many articles go in a strange way which are 'false, big and empty”! Foreign dictionary can explain each concept in a detailed way while ours can not! -----------There are millions of English words and each of them has a wonderful story for self-introduction to children that is ideal environment for learning! Foreign texts go with clear image elements which are quite logical for the growth of your intelligence! ---------All tell us that our culture products do not meet the international standard although we are proud of our splendid ancient civilization 

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Reply Report SEARU 2019-2-8 18:48
Our trains have raised the speed by two times. But the ‘soldiers’ in culture fields still walk in old pace! Too many TV shows boast how talent some little children are on ancient-poem-or-novel reciting which signal wrong signal to parents and kids to focus all energy on memorizing instead of independent thinking with their own head!
Our children do repeating sums like calculator who often copy the same Chinese character for dozens of times in order to print it onto the brain without vivid story about it! The poor students compete with each other more on memorizing ability rather than innovation!
A revolution-change on the working style is needed in the culture-education fields that means a lot for the present and future of our nation!
Reply Report KIyer 2019-2-14 11:59
you have hit upon a practical issue with communication and its style that will help China and the Chinese be better understood in the outside world - a lot of which has historically been influenced by the English/American style of communicating
Reply Report SEARU 2019-2-15 12:53
KIyer: you have hit upon a practical issue with communication and its style that will help China and the Chinese be better understood in the outside world -  ...
It is true that English has melted too many nations‘ wisdom and civilization! No matter well he does on the language, Tom only seems like a swimmer in the ocean of English!  It is important for a learner to have  nice sensing about the spirit of the powerful thinking tool and turn it into the blood for his own brain-nutrition!  That would be great success for China reform on culture if we can catch up with the advanced thinking-pace that will help us to improve work efficiency!
On one hand we will quickly understand foreign science and introduce the new findings to the kids; On the other hand, only through international thinking mode, can we clearly tell foreign friends about the splendid culture of ancient China plus our own personal understanding about reality!
(I am on a trip around the local province dealing with a special case, little chance for blog. Sorry for that!’)
Thanks for your meaningful replies! Shake hands with you!)

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