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I wish Seneca get free earlier

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To tell the truth, before seeing your this posting I had believed that Seneca might have never disappeared from the forum by using another blogger-name like ‘wchao37’! 
In my eyes Mr. Seneca is a great forumite who can make wonderful comments to any topic with his powerful brain! Up to now I don't know the concrete reason why he have been banned for so long! Nobody is 100-percent perfect just as the bright Sun shines with black-dots on the surface which are hard seen with your naked eyes! The CD authority can use special policy to the talent expert if you want to sell more newspers to the public!

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Reply Report Chengking 2019-2-12 13:28
I was wondering what happened to Seneca. So, he was banned, huh?
Reply Report kevinruud 2019-2-14 09:54
I don't quite follow your first paragraph. Do you mean that Seneca is using an alias "wchao37"? But they look like two different persons. I remember having told Seneca in a private message that he should leave me his contact info so that I could find him once he was banned, but he did not give me any info in this regard, what a pity! By the way, China Daily doesn't mind how many copies will be sold because their salary and bonus do not have anything to do with the sales volume at all.

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  • DOES China need revolution on expressing method 2019-2-15 12:53

    KIyer: you have hit upon a practical issue with communication and its style that will help China and the Chinese be better understood in the outside world -  ...
    It is true that English has melted too many nations‘ wisdom and civilization! No matter well he does on the language, Tom only seems like a swimmer in the ocean of English!  It is important for a learner to have  nice sensing about the spirit of the powerful thinking tool and turn it into the blood for his own brain-nutrition!  That would be great success for China reform on culture if we can catch up with the advanced thinking-pace that will help us to improve work efficiency!
    On one hand we will quickly understand foreign science and introduce the new findings to the kids; On the other hand, only through international thinking mode, can we clearly tell foreign friends about the splendid culture of ancient China plus our own personal understanding about reality!
    (I am on a trip around the local province dealing with a special case, little chance for blog. Sorry for that!’)
    Thanks for your meaningful replies! Shake hands with you!)

  • What I care most 2019-2-14 12:05

    being a productive, thoughtful citizen anywhere is the best way to live.

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