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Who are experts on Chinese language?

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We can not improve our culture without development of native language! Who does dare to claim himself as an expert on Chinese?  There are many strange phenomenons taking place in China. 
Miss Yudan became famous for her wonderful explaining of ancient poems with a children story on the CCTV. But to my surprise she was driven off the lecture-platform in the Peking University where the talent students thought she was fooling them as kindergarten-level kids!
Also on the CCTV the Spring Festival Gala every year is thought as the top-level entertainment program.  For a long time Mr. Zhao had dominated the stage so deeply that he was worshipped as the King of the art-circle! But his humor performance was hardly welcomed abroad! This is a warning signal why foreigners take our nice language-work as rubbish!
If you think those old professors in the campus are experts, but none of them have won the Nobel prize on literature!;
When you take Mr. Moyan as the top scholar on language, he looks poor on diploma!
In class the teachers work hard to check every corner of the textbooks and pick up every word for exams!  The poor kids put all energy on repeating others' written words who have little chance for their own independent thinking! 
Schooling has peeled off kids' natural interest in language that drives Chinese weaker and weaker!

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  • Bull encourages us forward 2019-5-21 22:57

    Were you talking to yourself?! or to the shadow of yourself?

  • Bull encourages us forward 2019-5-21 10:59

    I noticed your this ‘strange’ and ‘weak’ comment as soon as it got approval by the editor but I hesitated to make an instant reply! Now I think the best answer should be as the following:
    If explained in our culture dog is good at shouting empty slogans! The first part of 狗(dog)looks exactly like the animal‘s body jumping up in the air from the ground and 句 seems as ‘’the widely-opening mouth’ plus 口(mouth). 句 originally means ‘sentence’ but here it should hint that the animal is shouting again and again without stopping which can not do anything else for its master!
    According to our custom, we look down this kind of beast!

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