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The difference on culture between China and the west

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Chinese and foreigners do thinking job in different ways.  
We have hieroglyphic characters each of them is a vivid picture that can represent ‘one thousand words’! You may post a long article to tell its meaning and related interesting stories! Furthermore calligraphy experts might be able to guess out your mindset and health state when judging through your handwriting which shapes and appearance can tell out more information about the master!  As a tradition, we have been encouraged to speak out the mind through landscape-description in dim words which leave more space for audiences to imagine. Certainly all depend on your comprehension by guessing! ;
Foreigners speak like singing who seem do thinking in a musical way! They easily note down what they are thinking whose brain work more smartly than ours!  Foreign dictionaries contain too much information about their civilization whose writing style is so neat that is worth learning from for fellow chinese!  They describe things with more image elements who can offer you a clear picture about each concept! Once glancing of their text is enough for your an instant understanding! What a magic language English is!  That is why I believe that English is the most powerful in the world! If all Chinese had their working style on thinking, speaking and writing, we would be able to improve productivity on intelligence that would mean a great progress for our culture!

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Reply Report kevinruud 2019-1-22 11:09
Most Chinese youths are now using only emoj for usual communication, so it won't be long for them to foregt everything you said.
Reply Report kevinruud 2019-1-22 11:10
but we do not need to worry, because whether they will hae a good life or not it is no more our concern even if we want to.

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    BlondeAmber: "Female are sensitive to sunlight in afraid of turning the skin ‘dark’!"

    i am sorry you are incorrect - maybe you are speaking about Chin ...
    Like that picture of Anming where she is wearing that red Chinese dress and she looks like an Empress, and she has those perfect beautiful blue eyes and white white skin making then look even more perfect. What could be more beautiful than that? Nothing. And the white skin is critical. White skin is beautiful. Tans are yucky.

  • My kind suggestion to female friends 2019-3-18 18:52

    BlondeAmber: "Female are sensitive to sunlight in afraid of turning the skin ‘dark’!"

    i am sorry you are incorrect - maybe you are speaking about Chin ...
    Consider former CD forum member Anming. Anming is the most beautiful female I have ever seen a photo of and she has nice pale skin. Imagine Anming with one of those horrid spray tans that celebrities were all getting a few years ago. It would be all wrong. Anming looks perfect with nice white skin. White skin is best. And Asians are blessed with nice pale skin. Many are anyway. Why do people say that Asians are yellow anyway? Like hot Japanese chicks with their nice white skin - they look fantastic. If they had a tan it would ruin the whole thing. Their nice dark hair contrast with their pale white skin - its beautiful. A lot of Chinese chicks have the same thing happening. South Koreans too. Paris Hilton looks like she is made of leather with her yucky spray tans. All you tan girls do. Your skin looks like leather. The sun is damaging your skin. Sure get some sun but not enough to make your skin turn brown. I'm not saying that there can't be hot people with black/brown skin - there are plenty - but that's because they are supposed to have black/brown skin and it suits them. They shouldn't get too much sun either though.

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