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That farmer acts as Premiere

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About one month ago I received a video message on the WECHAT: One old farmer-like man is sitting on the roadside with many people surrounding (him) and watching his performance! He can imitate former Premiere Wen making the government report! His accent and tone are as same as the state leader‘s!  All shout and applaud for his talent on art!  I believe that farmer might have become a famous actor or government official if the God had offered him the chance for his special repeating ability on speech! 

This reminds me what took place during the Great Cultural Revolution period: Many commune members can recite Chairman Mao‘s 'three old articles’ without one-word-error!  

Just now in the challenge-yourself program on the CCTV, one five-year-old boy can recognize 3000 Chinese characters and recite many long poems! Certainly the little hero has won handsome honors! 

Here I feel a bit sad for the phenomenon! Maybe Chinese are most powerful on memory in world but we have wasted too much on reciting! English speakers hate repeating who believe always reciting is no good for your own brain-growth! 

In class few teachers are ready to tell science story in their own words although sometimes something may be wrong with the textbooks! 

Teachers‘ routine job determines the future fate of our nation!  Something must be done to get rid of the bad habit on academy!

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