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Tiger learns skill from cat

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In late 1970s that story-teller told us a tasty children tale in the street: 
A long time ago, a litter tiger worshiped an old  cat as master from  whom the first had learned many skills for living in nature including how to do hunting for food. One day the little tiger thought that he had grasped all of the teacher‘s ability and wanted to turn the 'retired’ master into a nice meal due to terrible hunger ! Noticing the apprentice‘s evil perpurse, the old master quickly climbed up onto the tall tree leaving the cruel creature on the ground with no solution! ---------The clever cat had forseen that the pupil might become a traitor for that possibility ‘I must not teach all of my skills to him.’’ !  In this way, the cat saved its own life by ‘being selfish on teaching’! -----------This is ugly phenomenon in Chinese society where masters are not ‘loyal’ enough to students! The first are not ready tell the whole story to others in a clear way!  Such bad 'tradition' makes the current academic atmosphere not as active as what in foreign countries! In the campus scholars seldom communicate with each other in free way who always keep themselves indoor for independent ‘slow research’!

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Reply Report JimSlip 2019-1-20 22:54
yes, you are right, when the apprentice learns everything, the master will starve to death. It is more a problem of the social security than morality of the individual.

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  • The story about 溪 sounds complicated 2019-3-23 15:42

    Thanks for your compliment, i would enjoy to be here if the blog platform is reformed and spread some inspiration for us.  however sometimes i use to log on hoping any changes has been done for bloggers but desperately won't able to find any improvement.
    and next:
    For example 已 and 己 is Seems same but meaning is different. likewise there might be many words that could be explored here for the learner's attention. Thanks!

  • The story about 溪 sounds complicated 2019-3-23 10:03

    财神: I wish you could collect some Chinese Characters which seems almost same but the meanings are different.
    So long I haven't 'seen' you!  I feel delighted to meet you here! Thaks for reading and comment. Yesterday I had a talk with my that vice-headmaster who is also a Chinese language teacher. He laughed at me for the ‘strange’ explaining to the character of 江.  He said: " There is a book named 《说文解字》which is more scientific to explain how Chinese characters were invented!” But I think everyone has his or her own Buddhist in the heart. Ienjoy sharing my personal view with blogger friends  on many interesting topics!

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