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How should Chinese develop Chinese?

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(In class I was taught to offer readers a strange title for more attraction!:P)
 Yes, let‘s discuss on how to make Chinese language grow stronger for the new era!

I do admit that China owns splendid culture achievements in history but it seems that Chinese are too confident about their language who are always proud of that Chinese is the most beautiful language in the world since our characters can express complicated meanings that any other nations can compete with us!
In my opinion we should have a reasonable evaluation on this aspect! 
First, one same Chinese character may have several different forms in appearance that shows the language has been changing all the time! It was Chairman Mao who launched the project to simplify the ancient Chinese characters making the present version more easier for reading and writing!
Second our vocabulary is quite limited if compared with the powerful English language. We must invent new Chinese characters as we did in 1977 although that movement failed! At least we had to introduce more new phrases from English to Chinese for the progress of new science and technology!
Third, I want to emphasize that something is wrong with our present style on speaking and writing! May I say that as the following? :
In the campus too many language experts have devoted all life on traditional ancient works whose research work can hardly be recognized in the international market! None of them have won the Nobel Prize on literature! The success of that junior middle school student (Mr. Moyan) has showed us a firm signal that ‘More freedom on writing can let Chinese become more powerful in the battle ground of culture! ’ 

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Reply Report SEARU 2019-1-5 22:02
If compared with foreign counterparts, we Chinese do work on culture in a backward method that saying might sound harsh to your hearing but it is true!  For an example: That farmer-like actor (Mr. Zhao) had dominated the spring-festival-gala-program on the CCTV for many years but his performance was not welcomed abroad! His works must have been produced by many language experts which were not good enough to meet the international standard! It is a shame for Chinese that warns us  we should make revolutionary change to the old working habit on speaking! It is similar to some industrial products which we take as of high quality but in foreigners' eyes they are rubbish!:D
Reply Report GreenNanning 2019-1-10 21:14
So we learn Chinese better for the only purpose of winning a prize that Westerners favor, as Mo Yan did in 2012? Are you kidding me?

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  • What is 志 2019-6-4 09:31

    财神: Good job sir!  keep it up।
    So delighted for your feedback! It is always funny if we have further analysis on some special Chinese characters through which we can better understand our national treasure-tradition!

  • What is 志 2019-6-4 09:10

    Good job sir!  keep it up।

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