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Liang's early struggling on business

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Begining from age 13,  Liang tried to earn money by bare hands! He helped blacksmith striking red-hot iron with the heavy hammer! At first the master was not ready to accept the little boy as apprentice. Liang persuaded the teacher in this way:"I come here not for money but skill!’  One week later, Liang got the first salary for hard work!
Three years later, Liang became a master on iron-striking whose salary was much higher than ordinary workers in the state-run factories! 
At age 23, that was 1978 when china was carring out the reforming policy, Liang was so smart on commercial chance that he borrowed 20000 Yuan from his master and got some loan from the bank plus his own thousands of saving. Using the 40000 Yuan he set up a flourmill. From the business he got 100000 Yuan as profit three years later.  Then he shifted to towel-weaving industry for quick money!  .....In this way his profit had been multiplied by two times every year! 
Before 1999, his company was worth 2000 millions Yuan mainly on decoration and building industry which was quite famous in the local area!

(I would like re-visit his village to collect more first-hand information for sharing with reader-friends. I wish  you enjoy my program, thanks! )

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  • Adult influences kids 2018-11-17 11:08

    I make this blog as a milestone for grandkid‘s growth which reminds me to look for effective methods to educate the young!’

  • Why is it dark under light? 2018-11-8 09:18

    HailChina!: So light travels in straight lines but also scatters everywhere? There is light in shadows? Because of this atmosphere? Is there atmosphere in a deep  ...
    Your comments are funny in which some words contain much philosophy as well as science principles!
    Yes, light and darkness are twin brothers who coexist as enemy to each other! The sunlight is active that can jumps if in the air to occupy as much space as possible! It seems that the darkness is ready to welcome the change although which has to pay the price of self-shrinking in the world!
    Mostly we enjoy brightness, but sometime I prefer darkness since it can drive me to think a lot with wonderful imagination!

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