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What is real rich?

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In China we have an old saying which goes like this: "When in poverty, you must try to change (the situation); Once you become wealthy, you ought to help the poor in the world! " 
In Liang's deep mind, the food in his bowl  becomes tastier when shared with others! He often do good deeds for the society! When he was still a young boss on decoration business, he donated 1.5 million Yuan to pay the agriculture tax for the village. Ten years ago, he demolished the old shabby village and built a new one which cost him forty millions  Yuan! Now each family owns 280-square-meters flat without paying one pence by themselves! :$
Too many rich men should feel shameful (before Mr.Liang) who had earned a large sum of money in the mainland china but spent it aboard for luxury goods and personal enjoyment while cared little for ordinary citizens!:Q
Liang said:"Ten-million Yuan is enough for me to live a very-comfortable life like fairy without doing anything! But then where the meaning of life is?  I always believe the true happiness as human should be to keep struggling for my dream and let more people to live like me! ” :victory:

(‘It is not rich when you are in such state alone, that would be real prosperity when everyone gets out of poverty and lives well off!’ -----------Words from Liang. 

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  • The story about 溪 sounds complicated 2019-3-23 10:03

    财神: I wish you could collect some Chinese Characters which seems almost same but the meanings are different.
    So long I haven't 'seen' you!  I feel delighted to meet you here! Thaks for reading and comment. Yesterday I had a talk with my that vice-headmaster who is also a Chinese language teacher. He laughed at me for the ‘strange’ explaining to the character of 江.  He said: " There is a book named 《说文解字》which is more scientific to explain how Chinese characters were invented!” But I think everyone has his or her own Buddhist in the heart. Ienjoy sharing my personal view with blogger friends  on many interesting topics!

  • The story about 溪 sounds complicated 2019-3-22 16:22

    I wish you could collect some Chinese Characters which seems almost same but the meanings are different.

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