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What is real rich?

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In China we have an old saying which goes like this: "When in poverty, you must try to change (the situation); Once you become wealthy, you ought to help the poor in the world! " 
In Liang's deep mind, the food in his bowl  becomes tastier when shared with others! He often do good deeds for the society! When he was still a young boss on decoration business, he donated 1.5 million Yuan to pay the agriculture tax for the village. Ten years ago, he demolished the old shabby village and built a new one which cost him forty millions  Yuan! Now each family owns 280-square-meters flat without paying one pence by themselves! :$
Too many rich men should feel shameful (before Mr.Liang) who had earned a large sum of money in the mainland china but spent it aboard for luxury goods and personal enjoyment while cared little for ordinary citizens!:Q
Liang said:"Ten-million Yuan is enough for me to live a very-comfortable life like fairy without doing anything! But then where the meaning of life is?  I always believe the true happiness as human should be to keep struggling for my dream and let more people to live like me! ” :victory:

(‘It is not rich when you are in such state alone, that would be real prosperity when everyone gets out of poverty and lives well off!’ -----------Words from Liang. 

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  • Adult influences kids 2018-11-17 11:08

    I make this blog as a milestone for grandkid‘s growth which reminds me to look for effective methods to educate the young!’

  • Why is it dark under light? 2018-11-8 09:18

    HailChina!: So light travels in straight lines but also scatters everywhere? There is light in shadows? Because of this atmosphere? Is there atmosphere in a deep  ...
    Your comments are funny in which some words contain much philosophy as well as science principles!
    Yes, light and darkness are twin brothers who coexist as enemy to each other! The sunlight is active that can jumps if in the air to occupy as much space as possible! It seems that the darkness is ready to welcome the change although which has to pay the price of self-shrinking in the world!
    Mostly we enjoy brightness, but sometime I prefer darkness since it can drive me to think a lot with wonderful imagination!

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