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Do perfect explaining to kids!

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Really, kids are smart on thinking which process may go in logical way or by the sixth sense of the body whose words are funny, humorous, pure but sometime might-be full of philosophy!  Children act as fish in water who swims everywhere as they wish just as their free-style of thinking going on deeply in the brain! 
Parents are natural teachers to help kids to develop such thinking ability, by offering them more explaining about the physical world.
But the people in the east and west do the same job in different ways. Foreigners are more considerable who are patient and scientific on explaining the meaning of each word while we Chinese are quite rude to kids:‘Water is water, hand is hand!’  Our simple teaching goes   not smoothly on thinking!  You can realize such difference if you have a closed check on the different ways the English dictionary and Chinese one were produced. 

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Reply Report SEARU 2018-7-14 10:54
Students have piles of books on the desk. All should be called as language one!  Any science or language book must go word by word like the hole-drilling by machine on the metal thing that is done deeper and deeper! Such process should go as smoothly as possible since any hurry may delay the processing!
I feel pity our teaching is not as fine as what foreigners do!
Reply Report SEARU 2018-7-14 11:47
Why university graduates were called ‘bean sprouts’?
When I was in junior middle school, certainly my biggest ambitious desire was  to get into university someday through hard work on lessons. But on the radio I heard a strange saying:"Some experts claim that our college graduates are as weak as bean sprouts once they enter the society for job who seem like the young plants growing in the green house who can not adapt the production activity!"
What is the bottom reason for the result?  Why do so many graduates  feel empty when they look back at what they have done on lessons in the post?  Our teaching materials were poorly written with little logical things and students are seldom  trained on thinking all by themselves!  Theory is taught with less tests or experience and children have to recite the text word by word like a tape-recorder!
Students can not become self-confident since they have not got enough nutrition on thinking-growth!

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