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Develop more space of the growth-environment for kids!

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Parent is children‘s first teacher who would influence the young for the whole life! That is the Chinese saying ‘龙生龙, 凤生凤,老鼠的孩子会打洞!’’ ----------‘Dragon would produce dragon, phoenix can give birth to another one pretty bird,while mouse‘ child could naturally dig cave!’ -------------All hint one truth: Different growth-environments would play different roles for the kids‘ growth on intelligence and ability! ----------So if you want to let your next generation become more clever, you had better try to change his or her environment by all means! -------Don't always staying at home! -----------Tour around including visiting relatives and meet with more masters for teacher!’ ’

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Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-21 07:35
My parents are both working class but smart working class, especially on my fathers side which is Catholic, his father was a boilermaker but had a Catholic education and he was a union leader that would speak for his workmates. He had the most beautiful handwriting you have ever seen. He wanted my father to be a doctor or something - and my father went to all good private Catholic schools growing up but my father just wanted to be a normal person and ended up being a mechanic. But even as a mechanic he was smart and when he was young his boss got him into some fast-track plant mechanic course that he was supposed to do at Sydney Uni. My father said the guy went out of his way to get him into this course but my father decided that he didnt want to do it. My father is very intelligent but he just doesn't care about upward mobility. He is a bit like a master mechanic - he can fix anything and often in a Macgyver-like way if he doesn't have the right tools or parts. So anyway he put me in public schools even though I am Catholic too, and his expectation for my education was nothing. He used to encourage me not to do homework. I think his father made him do too much homework or something. Anyway - he moved away from Sydney to the country when I was young and instead of growing up with other working class kids in a working class neighborhood I grew up surrounded by upper middle-class friends. And I spent a lot more time in upper middle-class homes than my own. As a result most working class people are total imbeciles to me.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-21 07:38
I am you guys. I am a Prince.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-21 08:27
It was my mother that made me a Catholic. My Catholic grandparents didn't like her very much so I guess she thought that making me Catholic would make them like her more - or me. So since I went to public school I could not prepare for the three Catholic sacraments - Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation in school like a regular Catholic kid that goes to Catholic school - I used to have to gk and learn all that stuff after school with this old Catholic lady called Mrs Maloney. And Father Maroney sometimes too. It was ridiculous. I had to spend hours and hours after school of my own time preparing for these three Catholic sacraments. For years. And then when I do them I don't really know any of this kids I do them with apart from a few kids I played footy with because they all go to Catholic primary school. In the town a grew up in Catholic kids go to Catholic primary school then come to public highschool for two or four years before finishing school at a Catholic College. The only good thing about it was when the Catholic chicks came to highschool with me they all knew me from the sacraments and pretty much all of them wanted to get with me. Ha.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-21 08:33
Mrs Maloney. Jesus Christ. So many hours alone in my Catholic Church with Mrs Maloney. And the crazy thing about it was that my best friend at this age of Catholic sacraments was the son of a Presbyterian Minister and I used to go to Presbyterian Church with them basically every Sunday and to Presbyterian Sunday School. When Catholics say the Lords Prayer without doxology it is very jarring for me. I spent more time in Presbyterian church than my Catholic Church.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-21 08:37
So I did have a few working class friends as a kid but they were all Catholic. Irish-Catholic-Australian. Catholic working class people are much better than other working class people because Catholics have respect for themselves. Say what you will about  Catholics but one good thing about the Catholic Church is that it makes the poor better. Protestants have no standards and they do not make the poor better.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-21 08:51
My grandfather face me an alarm clock as a gift once. He told me I would need it because I wouldn't be able to trust my dad to wake me up for footy. My dad hates footy too.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-21 16:09
So with me the majority of kids I went to primary school with, which was a public school - or central school - were upper middle-class from families with upper middle-class culture and then the Catholic kids that came to highschool with us after being in private Catholic school were middle-class with working class culture. Pretty much all Catholics from where I am from have working class culture even if they are middle or upper middle-class. And like I say - I went to highschool with these kids for two or four years before Catholics leave for Catholic College and non-Catholics leave for private boarding schools that make most Catholic Colleges seem like crap. None of the people I went to public/central school with were public school type people - they used the school due to the remoteness of the area we were from.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-21 16:13
So my peers were all from good families growing up and not only did I go to school with them, I spent more time in upper middle-class households than my own.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-21 16:22
Presbyterian family was my first adopted family - my best friend uses to get in trouble for saying toilet instead of lavatory. Not working class. Next adopted family had father that was bank manager and mother that was teacher. Played golf and cricket. Not working class. Next adopted family had father that was bourgeois upper middle-class farmer and mother that was from money - my best friend was somewhat of a prodigy from early age and decided to be a music prodigy - got music scholarship to elite type boarding school even though parents could afford to pay. I also had an adopted family at that time ( mid-teen ) that was middle-class Catholic family with working class culture - kid was captain of my Rugby League team - kind of guy that would get scholarship to Notre Dame if he was American. Good Catholic family but strong working class culture.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-21 16:26
So moving to the country and not raising me in a working class part of Sydney is probably the best thing my father did for me as far as my childhood development went.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-21 16:28
Ultimately I do not have working class culture. And I would not want to.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-21 16:43
Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft where we are hard, and cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand. They think, deep in their hearts, that they are better than we are because we had to discover the compensations and refuges of life for ourselves. Even when they enter deep into our world or sink below us, they still think that they are better than we are. They are different. - F Scott Fitzgerald

Very old money. My blood may have sank beneath you - but it has made me hard - harder than you. And I do not think I am better than you - I know it. My blood is Noble. I come from Dragons. I am a Dragon.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-21 16:48
There would be no Roman Catholic Church without my blood.
Reply Report SEARU 2018-2-22 21:49
HailChina!: My parents are both working class but smart working class, especially on my fathers side which is Catholic, his father was a boilermaker but had a Cat ...
About "He used to encourage me not to do homework."-----------
It sounds so strange to Chinese parents who always ask or force kids to do as much lessons as possible! Even to me, I am sensitive to your this remark since I hate some phenomenon in the education-field.
Reply Report SEARU 2018-2-22 21:50
HailChina!: I am you guys. I am a Prince.
Then I am also prince!
Reply Report SEARU 2018-2-22 21:57
HailChina!: There would be no Roman Catholic Church without my blood.
I am afraid that I could not fully follow you!
Would you make it more clear to reader-friends?
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-23 07:02
SEARU: About "He used to encourage me not to do homework."-----------
It sounds so strange to Chinese parents who always ask or force kids to do as ...
Well the reason goes beyond my grandfathers poor parenting skills that resulted in my father disliking school. Praise and encouragement are Tue best ways to promote desirable behaviour in children and if my grandfather had known this then perhaps my father would have become a doctor like he wished. But yes beyond this my the point in the chronosystem in which my parents were born and the nation they were born in led them to believe that education was not particularly important. Both were born around 1960 in Australia and are 'baby boomers' - so when they were young adults in early/late seventies it was very easy for uneducated people to find a decent paying job which would enable them to buy a house within a reasonable amount of time and live a decent life. On top of that Australia was a traditionally working class culture and it was not uncommon for people in their time to leave school early so to them a highschool education wasn't even particularly important. Plus when they were starting a family Australian society was still encouraging poor Australians to have children and the thinking was that society would stay the same - it was unthinkable back then that neoliberal capitalists would take control of society and flood it with immigrants to out downward pressure on working class wages or that the nation would be flooded with guest workers to out downward pressure on working class wages or that Australian capitalists would offshore working class jobs to put downward pressure on working class wages - or that Australian society would be Americanized to the point that the term working class would be considered to be an insult. The workers ruled in my parents time here in Australia and they thought it would always be this way - this was their mindset and the reason for their low parental expectations as far as my education is concerned. For context - one of my fathers first jobs was working with my grandfather on a job he was doing for the corporation Pfizer. His title was 'steel worker'. I asked him what a steel worker did and he said basically nothing. He would hand my grandfather tools as he needed them. A boilermakers assistant basically. He said that the unions had it very good for the workers back then - lots or breaks and what not - good pay. Unions ruled in Australia back then - thanks to guys like my grandfather. So yeah - things have changed a lot. So the main reason is the point in the chronosystem that my parents came from. In China you were only allowed one child and made to understand that you had to pay for it, and China was a 'developing nation so yes Chinese parents come from a very different point in the chronosystem than my parents do at that same time.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-23 07:13 (Pending for approval)
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Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-23 09:27
SEARU: Then I am also prince!
Consider our Domesday Book. The libertarian scum that were against it were no Dragons - they were exactly the same as the libertarian capitalist scum that rules the west right now. But were we destroying or improving? A Chinese Dragon is very similar to a Norman Dragon. We have a lot in common. We are strong and we have the courage to rule openly and honestly. The libertarian capitalist scum hide away behind others like the cowards that they are. They know that they are pretenders. They know that they are scum. They know that they are weak. They know that they are ignoble. Us Dragon Princes should work together. We are Brothers.

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