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The bridge from agriculture to education

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First, let me begin the topic with the Chinese agriculture development in the recent decades


Before 1979, peasants did labor job in the commune production-team who were quite inactive! 

--------Every day, the captain knocked the iron bell hanging in the tree telling villagers 'it is time for work! ---------Then his ‘soldiers’ come out of home and asked what job they ought do. -------In the field they did farming and chatting for about three hours for half a day. Some naughty members were lazy, I saw the captain was lecturing them in anger as if parent was scolding kid at home!


I think the modern students act like those old farmers who are lack of good sense from the master of their business!


In 1980each family  was given one piece of farmland and farmers became the real boss of their dealing who do work with great efficiency without any leadership of the captain!


------Feeding-duck-mood-teaching (填鸭式教学) let teachers feel tired while students become lazy who would easily lose interest for learning!


Famers invested blood-like money for kinds of farming tools including engines to irrigate crops. --------It was lucky the first agriculture reform was successful since farmers could harvest a lot that is enough to feed themselves and contribute extra grain to the cities for money.

But in the recent ten years, those old production mood has become unfit for the new era since many heavy machines like combine harvesterhave been widely used in the farmland, at the meantime those old small machines have become rubbish! -------Now people have formed new concept about what is 'agriculture’ !


I remembered thatBefore 1993, I had used one knife with wooden handleto cut and get in wheat crops for several days every year which hard job let me look like a prisoneras a friend called me ! -----------I really cried when I first saw how the huge harvest doing the same job in the magic way!


I think that our future kids would learn in a new way whose work efficiency is as high as the harvester if our education reform is carried out.


I deeply believe that we are using blood to explain what education is! ----------Decades latterfresh ideas would be added to the definition of the common words ‘education’ and ‘schooling’




(The above is one of my self comments on my that thread 'How to make our education more beautiful?


(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report SEARU 2018-12-4 08:43
For correction: Now people have formed new concept about what is 'agriculture’ !   
                     ......................                                 about  what ''agriculture’ is!
A mistake on grammar.

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