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Is it right to rewrite the Xinhua-students‘ dictionary?

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When I was very little, my father told me, "Dictionary  is the best teacher for your study who can tell you anything while any human teacher could not!"

Father offered me an old dictionary that he used when he was in school. That book was so shabby that each of its pages had turned brown and black,---------- In the Qing-dynasty,the Emperor Kang-xi organized a group of scholars to write the dictionary, that has become a national treasure in Chinese history!

When I was in college, I got an English to English dictionary that could offer you a definite meaning to very word, which is more clear compared with our Chinese one!

To explain a word with several sentences that goes like a short essay or text, that is as free as a short dialogue between parent and child through which the kids could easily understand what is what!

English has melted so many nations' cultures; in other words, the language has been enriched by billions of people from generation to generation.  Its  dictionary has been loaded with too many things, which must have too much advantages that is worthy for us to learn from!

In China, many students from primary-school to senior-Middle-school, are afraid of composition, why?
Chinese character is explained in few characters that is not better than that in the English dictionary.  Our pupil has a vague concept about each word!

If you don't believe my words, you may check the same word "water" with different dictionaries: of course the Chinese one and English one would offer you different answers!----------Tell me which is more scientific that is good for students to get a good thinking ability?

Please don't think that I am a traitor to my motherland!  I just want to improve the quality of our dictionary that is the basic textbook for kids. It is no wrong to learn any advanced technology including the cultural products-------dictionary!

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Reply Report SEARU 2020-7-22 10:10
I think we should invent several versions of Chinese dictionaries which written in different styles just as foreign ones. Students can get colorful explainings to the same Chinese character or phrase or idiom. This kind of free thinking on writing is meaningful for kids' development on intelligence.

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