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Act as a child

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A baby comes to the new world , that is the sweet dream for parents !


In the first seven days , the infant can swim; later he or she will loss such natural ability!


In the first three years, the little child is very smart: his or her eyes and ears are specially sensitive to the surroundings , who is interested in every thing and eager to touch and learn it ; before three years old , the young had learned half of the wisdom for his whole life , that includes the language and other living abilities .


In other words , man becomes stupid after he was three years old !  WHY ? Scientists could not tell the real reason.  It seems like this : at first , our brain looks like a empty room; it is easy for us to put things into the room; when it becomes crowded and less space is left for you to learn new things. We become less clever than before !


In this sense, we should think that the first few years is the gold age in our life; and I would like take myself as a child .  In this way , my mind becomes as pure as kids , my head works in a delighted way , I enjoy my writing in the Forum !


This reminds me a TV show : Mr,LiuYong was the Prime Minister in the court and returned his hometown after retirement.. Look! He is playing with some little children; wearing a straw hat on the head , his smiling is so childish and so happy that is enough to set him free from dozens of  years of hard work ! The old man is looking for his past shadow when he was young ; The children tell him to be happy with life !


My mother is nearly ninety years old , most of her hair is black , she always takes herself as a old child and thinks a little . Judging from her appearance , she looks more than ten years younger than her age !


“To act as a child”, WHY Scientists say that only one percent of our brain cells are working even we are in excitement and your head could hold all the knowledge from the books in a big library !  So the “childish” is a kind of good work-style and could help you improve efficiency; further more, it also help you keep younger !


Let us draw a conclusion: “to be simple and to be to childish” are good words ! no mocking in them , that is my best wish to friends !

Dear Miss Maierwei , do you agree with me ?  Are you satisfied with my explaining to your comments ?


( The above is what I thought about the blog << How to Be a Standard Good Girl for You? >> by Miss. lynxathome and comment by Miss. Maierwei )

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    I do enjoy the warm discussion atmosphere in the ‘old’ version of the Forum. Now the new blog-platform is lack of such advantage although our editors have paid much energy on it!  What a pity for all of us?

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    For correction: “The heaven and the Globe is an unified body” (not ‘a’).
    This a nice article which level is hard to be reached for myself if without pure mindset!

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