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Share How to take a good picture
2020-4-22 16:56
Mr. Tom is my colleague who spends much time on photographing. Once time in his report he told out his experience: “I always like the chance when the sky is full of colorful clouds that situation can offer you half success of the upcoming picture. All people are looking forward to that our world ought to be as attractive as rainbow we expected in dream!”
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Share The living soul of the Chinese martial arts
2020-3-12 22:13
As the terrible novel coronavirus might launch an attacking to us at anytime, it is urgent to learn martial art to strengthen the body for the improvement of self-defence ability against the natural disaster. The simple Chinese character 武 (wu)stands for ‘martial art’. Why? Its bottom part is a special form of 止 which looks like your two legs and feet. In this word the last horizon line goes upward that shows one foot is overtaking the other one:The ...
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Share Forbidden tobacco production
2020-3-5 11:09
According to a research report, there are about one thousand sorts of chemicals rising from the burning tobacco. The relationship between smoking and health is so complicated that about the topic scientists still‘quarrel’ on the world conference every year through their essays. No one can deny that some of the substances from cigarettes may be used as food or medicines. But who can seperate these useful elements from the smoking-gas? That will need advanced equipmets and engineers ...
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Share Mask shows discrimination to others
2020-2-23 17:14
Discrimination? The novel coronavirus are so terrible that you may easily be infected without notice when you stand close to the 'patient' on public occasions! From now on anyone must have such sense of ‘discrimination’ to others when you leave home. Never take on the crowded bus. Dare not get into the department store for entertainment without shopping purpose! The disease-prevention drug must be invented in the future that might totally solve the problem.
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Share The society would become paradise.
2019-11-20 09:53
Last evening I watched parts of the CCTV program on chinese food production at the meantime I had to take care of old mother and the stove. Agaiin about the meat market, I think our government should make some policy to encourage old farmers to feed more cattles with crops stalks as they did before. As I know a lot of villagers speed much time on playing cards or fishing who have enough energy and experience to raise beasts for pleasure instead. In neighboring village a retired worker buys-keep ...
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Share Three-drop-water
2019-9-26 17:03
Now let's have a closed look at the following Chinese characters: 江,海,湖泊,波涛,滴 (river, sea, lake,wave, drop.)All these words have a common component that is called ‘three-drop-water’. It goes like ‘three streams which are going to join together and form a river’. Such a word usually has something to do with ‘water’.For more examples: 洪(flood),沉没(sink),游泳(swim),济(to cross a river), 河(A river that might dry in Summ ...
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Share Cook meal for longer time
2019-9-23 16:44
In the modern society, we are so busy with work that little time is spent on cooking. As a result, most of us prepare food in a hurry. In other words, the meal on dining-table may be not well cooked. After boiling, the pot is still left on the stove with light fire heating up for one night in order to make the meat into delicious food! If half an hour is enough to make some porridge till it is edible, what will happen when you prolong the cooking time for twenty minutes or even more? ...
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Share The milk from the mainland to Hongkong
2019-9-7 21:54
No! You are not familiar with the true stories taking place between Hong-kong and mainland in the past decades! We had had ‘three flying trains’ which transporting living pigs and fresh vegetables from the inner land to the ‘island’. Aboard the train the railway workers fed the animals carefully to make sure the creatures would be still healthy enough before being killed in the market; In the vegetable carts some workers had to stand closed to ice pieces in order to keep the plants fr ...
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  • Forbidden tobacco production 2020-8-17 20:36

    Thanks to Mr. Ashikujama! Recently one of my relatives was sent to the hospital who was troubled by heart-attack. The doctor told me the bad living habit including smoking was the main cause of (for) the disease! It is too late for the patient to regret!

  • Some notes about my new ID card in the forum 2020-7-22 11:37

    I do enjoy the warm discussion atmosphere in the ‘old’ version of the Forum. Now the new blog-platform is lack of such advantage although our editors have paid much energy on it!  What a pity for all of us?

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