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Share I wish Seneca get free earlier
SEARU 2019-2-6 21:20
To tell the truth, before seeing your this posting I had believed that Seneca might have never disappeared from the forum by using another blogger-name like ‘wchao37’! In my eyes Mr. Seneca is a great forumite who can make wonderful comments to any topic with his powerful brain! Up to now I don't know the concrete reason why he have been banned for so long! Nobody is 100-percent perfect just as the bright Sun shines with black-dots on the surface which are hard seen with your naked ey ...
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Share Official firework-burning is enough for the spring festival
SEARU 2019-1-15 10:45
In ancient times people burnt bamboo which would give out considerable sound plus light those were enough to frighten away any possible attacking from the cruel spiritts around! That is why firework was named as 爆竹(exploding bamboo). But in the modern society we are tired of kinds Of noise. It is terrible if you burn fireworks in the crowded urban area! Our government may organize a formal firework-burning program for the spring festival which is carried out by professional po ...
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Share There are banknotes everywhere!?
SEARU 2018-11-2 20:26
Really, Mr. Liang is a magic merchant who has exordinary brain on many things! Once a time, he said:"People often complain that it is hard to earn money! But in my eyes there are banknotes everywhere you go! For an example:A farmer keeps a cattle for meat through which he can earn five-thousand Yuan which is the end of the story! I think he has thrown away too much valuable things! One beast can offer me five times of that income! Its skin, inside organs, skeleton and the waste faece are ...
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Share Let‘s cook for ourselves when possible!
SEARU 2018-9-18 21:17
So delighted to see you here! But I have some wonder or worry about your habit! I always think industrial food products are only fit for occasional usage such as when you are hungry far away from home rather than for daily life as meals! The reason is simple: These goods are lack of vitamins and contain too much chemicals for special tastes or long-time storage! One businessman told such a story:"I used to have one package of milk at breakfast. Once a time I forgot half bottle of that well-known ...
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Share To do detailed work to improve public hygiene
SEARU 2018-8-25 16:23
Along the commercial street in the town, butchers laid a wooden board before the gate of their shops on which they cut pig-body into many parts for selling. But the wood-thing was difficult to wash for cleaning up! It might be acceptable if in cold winter while in summer many people refuse to buy meat! :@ Now the hygiene authority has asked them to use plastic-like board replacing the old one!
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Share Icecream was not enjoyable!
SEARU 2018-7-21 18:55
Cold food against high air-temperature? About twenty years ago, we were busy on wheat-harvesting when brother bought some pieces of icecream. As soon as I had a bite of this kind of cold ice, I got a terrible toothache that drove me to tears and had to see dentist next day! Sudden temperature change is not good for the body inside organs to run on the normal way that is harmful to health!
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Share Fighting against pollution is as important as gold production!
SEARU 2018-7-15 12:00
At at least ten years ago, people were debating on if we were in the European mode that was 'First to develop economy and then crack down pollution! ’’Now I have to admit that pollution is permanent topic as we go ahead and live on. The problem should be that how we deal with it in a reasonable and scientific way which is as important as gold production i n some sense!
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Share Helicopter does odd job for farmers!
SEARU 2018-7-3 10:24
Yesterday on the way home from the town, I saw two helicopters spraying chemical or fertilizer to the crops! One the ground the technician was using remote-controller to drive the plane!-----------This scene is really what we have expected for the past decades! All people can sense the great changes taking place in China rural areas!
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Share Is housing more important than eating?
SEARU 2018-6-17 09:06
The house price topic is quite sensitive in China. That means a lot to state economy as well as the quality of ordinary citizens‘ life! It seems that all society has been driven by the special market in the past two decades! It is hard and impossible for the government to solve the house problems overnight since that has a history reason. Before 1980 that urban people had been troubled with housing-shortage where it was common one big family shared a small home! In nowdays Chinese care littl ...
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Share 2018-02-13
SEARU 2018-2-13 20:51
Greedy and new year May I answer your question in this way?: When I was young, people were not well off who often worried about food, clothing, firewood, etc. Children always looked forward to the coming of the Spring Festival that might mean delicious dishes, beautiful dress and flowers for girls while crackers to boys! So there was a strong relationship between greed and the important festival which was the sensitive atmosphere of the new-year celebration! I have posted ma ...
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