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In the September 12th, we joined in 1st International Rural Tourism Conference 2015 in Deqing, Huzhou, Zhejiang province.

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  • What is 志 2019-5-26 21:24

    志 shows ‘The heart of a ambitious man’.  The heart(心)can be understood as a boat supporting the man for living!  Yes, we live for dream to be realized by all means! The body language of 志 is so powerful that it always offers me too much bravery and strength to face kinds of difficulties and struggle for the primary destination set by myself a long time ago!

  • What is 志 2019-5-26 16:45

    To foreign friends: Please pay attention to the difference of 士 (man)and 土(earth)!  Both have the same component ‘十’;The first has a short horizon line  while the latter with a longer stroke for bottom!
    For 土: the cross '十' symbols ‘one single of dust’ while the big horizon line should be ‘the surface of the ground’’!  That is why 土 means ‘earth’!

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