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Share 我的英语学习之路 - 垃圾箱里升起的希望
2014-5-4 23:54
2. 垃圾箱里升起的希望 一天,收音机里一个令人吃惊的声音把我从白日梦中吵醒: “把你的字典扔进垃圾箱”。 “快读!多读!多猜!” 至此为止,我已经用传统的英语学习方式奋斗了一年多,毫无进展。无奈之下,我决定试一下。 我从图书馆借了很多英文书,只要这一本的故事变得没兴趣,我就扔掉,捡起下一本。就这样,我通常会在几天内读完一本书。一学期共读了30多本。几个月后,我对英语的感觉变了。英文已逐渐渗透到我的身体。自那时起我从未摸个英汉字典,也未背过单词卡。如果我必需查字典,我用英英字典。 具有讽刺意味 ...
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Share 我的英语学习之路 -- 从清华剑桥, 到美国 教授,养儿育女
2014-5-3 14:35
In this thread, I will share with you my 30 some years of experience in studying English, started in the late 70s, as a high school student in one of the poorest towns in China, continued in Tsinghua and Cambridge, and then as a professor in the United States teaching my Chinese postgraduate students English, and finally as a dad watching my two kids growing up into their college and high School years. One word of wisdom for all learners: however good your English sounds like, howev ...
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Share 中国教育
2014-5-3 03:48
近来在思考中国教育问题,突然想起十多年前的post, which is reposted here with some minor editingto improveclarity. East vs West Education Post time 2003-10-6 12:41:48 reposted from China Daily Since Confucius’ time, or more realistically probably much later, Chinese were trained to develop an exceptional skill in memorization and repetition. I personally benefited a lot from it in passing my TOEFL test, but su ...
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Share 地球是平的, 圆的, 或者不着边际?
2014-5-3 03:31
出国几十年,做为中国人,我总有许多的自卑感。现在国人有钱的多了,连母亲都在帮孙子付大学学费,就不再为贫穷脸红了。但有一件在心底里蔵着的羞愧不知何时才能消去. 从小咱就学了:地平方正,天上盖个大锅底。出国后学的多了才知道有希腊人早在公元前几百年就把地球周长测量计算出来了。 西方的文献大多会说咱老中到了十七世纪还认为地平天圆,那时牛顿已快把天体运动用一个简单的公式描述得精确无比, 还是个传教的到中国后,咱老中方知他住在地底下的那一边。 世界文献同时也都称咱老中的天文观察纪录肯定世界之最,这些观察 ...
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  • 中国教育 2014-5-3 14:29

    Yes education should encourage investigation, reflection, evaluation and not just the learning of facts. Sometimes facts are wrong!

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