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The radical movement ( terrorism in effect ) in HK is deeply in critical crisis level though such causes can be blamed on foreign "dark hands" involvements for more than 25 years in the secretive making dating back to the handover date.


On hindsight, the HK judiciary system should have been one that aligned to China's mainland system similar to relatively tiny Singapore and Malaya in which both achieved their total "Merdeka" from the British Crown. Of course, there was be a relatively short period to fine tune the system which was well laid in place originally by the colonial power, Great Britain. All parties are palatable and comfortable in such developments where educational systems were pointing more toward Britain than other nations at that time.


The problems in HK are abusive by ways of the souring and departing British Empire under C Patten. Collusions were setup with the USA agencies to disrupt changes which were deemed to be favorable to China, its system of governances and Chinese people. These cohorts are farsighted while several rounds of HK top local LEGO folks were inactively performing, either driven blindly or setup to be "idle politicians to be wealthy". Points of discussion :


1. Real estate properties were driven up sky high when HK's GDP was running at about 20% annually.


2. Vacant lands were granted to the wealthy groups at will without longer term plan to provide spaces for the working class folks. Hence, groups and guys like LKS, Kwoks, Swire, Jardine, and others became filthily rich and powerful figures in HK who are able to lobby for their own advantages. More and more high rise buildings came about and prices kept soaring sky high which eventually cornered ordinary working class folks over the edges of housing cliffs ( how many can offer to buy or rent any nest more 50 SqM in HK ? ). 


3.  These groups of wealthy guys rather spent and wasted huge sums investing in the UK and other western nations even at great losses; for example LKS's sons lost $billion in the UK telco businesses. All these guys made their huge billions in mainland China through HK and Macao but invested and/or lost them mostly outside of HK, Macao and Mainland China. So unChina; aren't they?


4.   The huge contrast is seen between Singaporean legendary Mr Lee Kuen Yew and HK wealthy politicians ( those said enriched guys too ). In Singapore, even though it is quite pro-American and pro-British systems, its philosophy aligns with its idealism and thoughts about local welfare for its people first. High low-cost or affordable homes / units were constructed to ensure people have comfortable lifestyle quite similar to the richer folks ( affordable prices tied to lower borrowing costs of funds as well as supplementable by retirement money ). People are happily satisfied and its nation lives on well-to-do whereas HK is in a terrible rocky situation ! Selfishness and lacking love are disastrous.


5. Education is fundamentally the most important art piece of any national system. HK has been led to a learning system that is lopsided to a neo-western democratic oracle similar to cult ( example the US "KKK" ) education. Primary to college levels are bent on "liberal studies" as compulsory subjects where the only learning handouts are prepared by teachers and lecturers. Such willful implanting technique has screwed up the upbringings of kids and youngsters of HK where national love is not recognized since there is no national ( Chinese ) history being pursued nor taught.  Imagine how blind sighted can HK students and graduates be to this end --> burning of national flags, hoisting foreign flags, marching with foreign flags, etc...etc...etc … !


6. Religious freedom and practices have also skewed to the west, typically the Christian churches. Pastors and heads of churches in HK joined radical protesters on street marches while hymning along boldly. Christianity or any religion is supposed to preach about LOVE and RESPECT thy neighbors; but hatreds and hates were instead instigated to destabilize governments, destroy public & private properties and disrupt public conveniences of all sorts. Barbaric is NOT Love nor Respect.


It is estimated that 30,000 young kids cross the border from mainland to HK for education. In this regard, there was / is NO cry of Chinese mainlanders robbing HK places or emptying Milk Powder. WHY? Not strange because it is a heinous longer term setup by HK cult-like groups and foreign "dark hands" who hope to implant HK curses upon the mainland. Chinese authorities need to be very cautious and proactively manage a cut-off plan (example banning cross border to HK for education ).


The Greater Bay Development Project comprising of more than 20 major towns and cities have a combined population of 70 million folks ( well-to-do folks and hi-tech businesses ):

If HK youngsters cannot or unable to read and see the vast opportunities in front of their noses; then, what else can they see better in HK or more fantastic in UK or greater in the USA or more awesome in Australia ? 


(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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      ECRL is a major Malaysian " natural good effect " project which will enrich the local cultural and monetary impacts upon its people of all races. For once, those kumpung folks will be able to ride affordably across the entire Malaysian peninsula for any useful purpose or aim and desires similar to their wealthier " peers, brothers and sisters " of the western parts of Malaysia. This is the actual and meaningful aspiration and expectation of Malaysians !  

      However, certain quarters such as "so-called educated folks of NGOs "  had expressed concerns about debt burdens and so forth which are unfounded and baseless. They probably had never seen nor experienced poverty in their early ages. The expansions of trade flows between the two parts of Malaysia ( i.e. East to West ) have been restricted for decades due to ignorance ( "  boilh-cukup-la " ) . People need to evaluate and weigh the futuristic developments of a nation in order to be prosperous and growing; while physical facilities for people to people to meet and operate are the best single answer. Internets play only the second most important part / role of national and international communications.


      Latest development makes very good sense to both nations by adopting BRI strategic advantages for the sake of people, especially to focus on works or jobs and business opportunities. Tun Daim is a bright loyalist with sharp foresight remarked  :

      In an interview on TV3’s prime-time “Buletin Utama” programme, Daim said the project would have new commercial elements that would have a greater impact on Malaysian companies and people.

      News reports had previously suggested that the current renegotiation on the ECRL could see its construction price pegged at RM50 million to RM60 million per km, as well as a commitment by the Chinese government to buy Malaysian palm oil and bring in projects.

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