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Apparently, the US Military and US paramilitary congressmen are showing off their nuke and warring muscles in a region which is currently very peaceful and progressive in every way besides the ongoing Code of Conduct Agreement knocked up between neighbors in the political aspects of this South China Sea matter.


Consequences are double edge swords, if both or all sides are equally and / or powerfully armed to seek and destroy. As a matter fact, what belongs to China are China's assets; and it has the rights and ownership responsibility to guard against aggressive intruders by arming its assets with the most sophisticated weapons. The USA and its dogs can NO longer walk into China to steal, burn, rob, rape and destroy like they did in the past century; and neither able to make demands for hefty compensations nor to enforce a surrender to disarm. That's yesterday !


Unlike those truly blooded US military invasions of DPRK and the entire Indochina ( the main victim, Vietnam, for 30 odd years of human slaughtering by using all its US warring might including the rampant use of UN's banned chemical weapons, but only to fail so bloodily shameful and sinful ). DPRK had also suffered millions casualty due to the onslaught of mighty huge US forces and South Korean forces plus alien mercenaries recruited from some corners of Africa and NATO nations. These brutal and barbaric invading forces still lost everything short of their own under garments.


US Defense Chief MadMattis has been trying so damn hard to lecture regional heads of defense in Singapore was a "credit-not" attempt to sway beliefs to favor its themes of wars and conflicts in this Far East Region of Asia ( rather Asia-Pacific -> not just Indo-Pacific ). WHY?  With USD$trillions in debts after spending BIG in creating and influencing war efforts all around the globe ( esp. in a faked-WMD invasion of Iraq for its oil wealth, now in Syria aiding heavily the rebels against loyalists, moving its embassy to Jerusalem to encourage the Israelis government action plans against the core interests of all Islamic kinds in the Arab world, sticking around Afghanistan playing costly hide and seek war games, spending huge sums of its national debts borrowed to arm Japan and S Korea, etc....etc...etc....) , the US Military and guilty conscious congressmen have to back up war efforts in a very progressive region of the world, The Far East Asia minus the USA, to earn Asian monies by promoting hatreds and conflicts and wars. That is, selling hell-cursed expensive war weapons / arsenals of all kinds to return huge bucks. Let's see which of these Asian nations get sucked in foolishly and stupidly by such evil plays of the USA in today's world.     


The themes about "intimidations and coercions" are expressions and enforcements of the USA and its gang of NATO chaps in the original form. Hence, they are capable of using such themes so conveniently and comfortably since "evil habits die hard" -- is like watching these human butchers smoking cigars with legs up tangling in the air swinging while sipping whiskey downed with cheese and chocolates!


Meanwhile rocking on their chairs Thinking and Wondering in quiet whispers, " what a shit of the day, why is it so damn hard to influence a huge war in this Asian-Pacific region again to pay off national debts sooner - got to get more customers with deep pockets but how to coerce and what to intimidate them all ?  Got it, repeat after me saying, "China, great China, 1.35 billion people China and powerful China is a threat to human kinds of this Asia-Pacific region"! We have got Mr Kim, the Lion Heart, rounded up, bullied, coerced and intimidated with a Libya-Model; next which one? ". 


Mattis, what you old chaps could not perform and not performing, you chaps have to blame China because China is steadily moving up the world rants and rank in strictly humane manners that today's USA cannot achieve. All that you old chaps are interested in is about creating tensions, conflicts and wars all over the world places -- not at all a credible so-called international policeman. WHY were / will be so many mass shootings inside today's USA? That is because YOU have shown the way for your own siblings and your neighbors' siblings to "kill mercilessly" for nothingness in all its entireties.


Visiting your holiness whenever YOU commanded "others to kill others" to beg for forgiveness is a hopeless soul saving grace because promoting threats and violent conflicts / wars are horribly sinful for your holiness knows best - - that is a place, the holiness, where you cannot fool; and neither able to intimidate nor coerce!


Hoping rational and politically savvy human kinds in this peaceful and progressive region of the The Far East Asia are as brightly savvy as the likes of gods. The initiatives of the B&R and AIIB are magnificent enlightenments to cultivate peace and harmony among peoples who participate in them. Outsiders can be jealous forever, but who cares?


The USA and allies can only destroy infrastructures of others; whereas, under China's B&R initiated schemes, infrastructures wherever are built belong in situ of each participating nation filled with national life long pride and hope. That's about sharing of resources and exchanging resources to enable healthy and humane developments of nations involved while peoples livelihoods and standards of living are getting up lifted though admittedly nothing is for free.


Typically, seen in China's vast and speedy improvements all round in multiple sectors to the envies and jealousies of the US hypocritical world filled with fanciful dreams of yesteryears!


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Mattis warns of 'consequences' if Beijing continues with 'intimidation and coercion'

· U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis spoke Saturday morning at the Shangri-La Dialogue, an annual security summit in Singapore.

· He said China's placement of weapons in the South China Sea "is tied directly to military use for the purpose of intimidation and coercion."

· "I believe there are much larger consequences in the future when nations lose the rapport of their neighbors," he said.

Nyshka Chandran | @nyshkac 

Published 10:34 PM ET Fri, 1 June 2018

U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis blasted Beijing on Saturday for the militarization of artificial features in the South China Sea, warning the Asian giant of potential penalties ahead.

"There are consequences that will continue to come home to roost" if China does not find a way to work more collaboratively with nations that have interests in the disputed region, the former four-star Marine Corps general said at the Shangri-La Dialogue, an annual security summit in Singapore.

Beijing's series of recent provocations in the international waterway, which include the installation of anti-ship cruise missiles and radar-jamming equipment on several of its outposts, has triggered concern among neighboring countries who also lay claim to the area.

"The placement of these weapon systems is tied directly to military use for the purpose of intimidation and coercion," Mattis said, adding that, "China's militarization of the Spratlys is also in direct contradiction to President Xi Jinping's 2015 public assurances in the White House Rose Garden that they would not do this."

In response, the world's largest economy recently uninvited Beijing from naval exercises known as Rim of the Pacific, or RimPac, Mattis said. Last week, two U.S. Navy vessels also sailed near China-controlled islands in what Mattis called "an affirmation of the international rules-based order."

But such actions are still relatively small consequences, the defense secretary said. "I believe there are much larger consequences in the future when nations lose the rapport of their neighbors, when they believe that piling mountainous debts on their neighbors and somehow removing the freedom of political action is the way to engage with them."

It's speculated that Mattis may be referring to China's Belt and Road program. Beijing has been accused by critics of using sovereign debt to gain political leverage over developing countries that are part of the infrastructure project.

"If the U.S. will continue to pursue a constructive results-oriented relationship with China, cooperation, whenever possible, will be the name of the game and competing vigorously where we must," Mattis said.

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      It could also be the time for everybody to sit back and mull over wether or not the global economic and financial systems established by the west need radical changes going forward...

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