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"251 Dash-Line" Another Piece of Shit Mapfare Reveals Ingrained Wester

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If soundly educated people around the world and in the world read this published article, they could drop their undies almost immediately, watch out !  That is a real shame to all those so-called world experts in South East Asia and world affairs from the YALE AND HARVARD universities of the USA with the exception of the U.S. Naval War College because the latter only loves and sees warfare in their thick heads and blurred eyeballs.  Bloody amusing, indeed, that such big names of experts and universities could be so very very very stupid to be conned by a sabotaging and manufactured piece of 2-year old shit, “251 dash-line” mapfare that caused the stir is from a little-known satirical “news” site called Ministry of Harmony.  China has an urgent homework to home in on that piece of shit manufacturer !


Little wonder, how falsified documents about Iraqi WMD could so easily fool Pentagon Chiefs, Chiefs of War Departments, Commanders-in-Chiefs, Presidents and Prime Ministers from across the western world to completely bomb Iraq back to stone age; Amen!  Then, blame the coming of ISIS, Jihadists and Talibans on Russia and China, except those experts who fabricated all wars, so evilly ?


Almighty above and aliens above you must laugh at all these foolishly educated animals on Earth.


"251 Dash-Line" Mapfare Reveals Ingrained Western Misperceptions about China

By Curtis Stone (People's Daily Online)    09:41, September 13, 2016

In May, the Council on Southeast Asia Studies at Yale University hosted an international conference to explore the South China Sea dispute. The conference brought together experts from universities and research institutions from around the world and across the United States, including U.S. Naval War College, Harvard Law School, and Yale’s CSEAS, to speak about the South China Sea issue. The conference was a typical academic workshop with panels of experts talking about their work and promoting their ideas, but this particular conference may have raised an even more important issue regarding deeply ingrained Western misperceptions about China.

 In a recent article penned by Dr. Harry Kazianis, Director of Defense Studies at The Center for the National Interest, the author describes some of the more lively backroom drama at the conference. He writes that on the sidelines of the conference most panel experts were focused on rumors of China’s “latest territorial claims” about a “251 dash-line” that extends Beijing’s claims to Hawaii and almost the entire Pacific Ocean, something he calls “mapfare.” As it turns out, Dr. Kazianis and unspecified other experts were actually fooled by a damning 2-year-old piece of political satire, “251 dash-line” mapfare that caused the stir is from a little-known satirical “news” site called Ministry of Harmony.  .



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      ECRL is a major Malaysian " natural good effect " project which will enrich the local cultural and monetary impacts upon its people of all races. For once, those kumpung folks will be able to ride affordably across the entire Malaysian peninsula for any useful purpose or aim and desires similar to their wealthier " peers, brothers and sisters " of the western parts of Malaysia. This is the actual and meaningful aspiration and expectation of Malaysians !  

      However, certain quarters such as "so-called educated folks of NGOs "  had expressed concerns about debt burdens and so forth which are unfounded and baseless. They probably had never seen nor experienced poverty in their early ages. The expansions of trade flows between the two parts of Malaysia ( i.e. East to West ) have been restricted for decades due to ignorance ( "  boilh-cukup-la " ) . People need to evaluate and weigh the futuristic developments of a nation in order to be prosperous and growing; while physical facilities for people to people to meet and operate are the best single answer. Internets play only the second most important part / role of national and international communications.


      Latest development makes very good sense to both nations by adopting BRI strategic advantages for the sake of people, especially to focus on works or jobs and business opportunities. Tun Daim is a bright loyalist with sharp foresight remarked  :

      In an interview on TV3’s prime-time “Buletin Utama” programme, Daim said the project would have new commercial elements that would have a greater impact on Malaysian companies and people.

      News reports had previously suggested that the current renegotiation on the ECRL could see its construction price pegged at RM50 million to RM60 million per km, as well as a commitment by the Chinese government to buy Malaysian palm oil and bring in projects.

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