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Report MERCYF 2016-8-2 04:10
Nice to meet you dear one,
Am Mercy Frn, i saw you here and become interested in knowing you and becoming friend with you. I will want you to write me back at my email ( to enable me tell you more and many things about me because you looks cute.
Your new friend.
Report SEARU 2014-3-30 18:31
Please  check  my  latest  blog<< the  way  of  washing >> .   I  wish  you  could   give  me  some  advice  on  writing .   Thank  you !
Report KIyer 2014-3-16 18:30
thanks for your comment on my blog Dr. Shen! I appreciate it!
Report KIyer 2014-3-5 22:44
Dr.Bill.Shen: I truly wish you could have your wonderful work published. I adore your ability of discerning philosophical importance from ordinary life events.
Thank you very much for you comment! If you happen to run into a publisher who you think might be interested, do let him know. I am honoured to receive these thoughts from you. It is good to know that you echo something that I strive for in communication and often wonder how I am doing. Even negative feedback helps me realise how I am getting through and to who..
warm regards
Report KIyer 2014-3-2 20:23
thanks for your comments on my blog. Feedback such yours are like oxygen for a writer. Much appreciated!
Report SEARU 2014-3-2 20:04
Thank  you  for   the  flower  you   offer   me !      We   have   more    common      feeling   about   rural   life    !
Report SEARU 2014-2-28 05:51
Would   you  like   add  me   to  your  friends  ?    i   am   Searu .
Report KIyer 2014-2-25 00:33
thank you for your comment on my blog. I appreciate it!
Report MichaelM 2014-2-3 20:03
Dr.Bill.Shen: Congrats for the blogger of 2013!
Thank you sir.
Report MichaelM 2014-1-6 20:17
Dr.Bill.Shen: Congrats for the blogger of 2013!
Thanks Dr. Shen. I appreciate you!
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      • horny manchester united 2016-2-26 08:49

        it worked its magic again. last night MU beat denmark's midjylland and advanced to last 16 of europa. more importantly the 18-yr old debutant rashfred became instant sensation after he scored a brace for MU.

      • anger, hostility and heart problems 2016-1-25 20:44

        鬼藻: I like your attitudes here- do not engage. When someone wants to agrue with me, I always treat them with slience. Thank you for your blogs. They are v ...
        glad you find it useful. thanks.

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