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Share horny manchester united
Dr.Bill.Shen 2016-2-25 17:50
i have never been a fan of manchester united football club, otherwise i would be really embarrassed to hear that the desperate manager louis van gaal has demanded his players to be horny when they play against their opponents. this certainly has been a very peculiar way to motivate his star-studded squad. guess what, they just won the game against their FA cup opponent shrewsbury town after this potent x-rated injection. sometimes, you never know what might work after you have exhausted your ...
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Share changing the guard of CSRC
Dr.Bill.Shen 2016-2-20 18:26
we have a new head of CSRC, mr liu shiyu who replaced mr xiao gang. this has been very much an anticipated change in the market. as you know chinese investors love to have a scagegoat to reset their loss and start their reckless punting again. i bet all investors will be disappointed again, since they have failed to understand why market has been against them. the newly coronated boss has little knowledge on security or investment banking businesses, given his sizable por ...
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Share co-pilot crashed plane deliberately
Dr.Bill.Shen 2015-3-26 21:20
co-pilot of germanwing has been identified as andreas lubitz. investigatorsaidandreas lubitz deliberately crashed the plane. currently there is no evidence he is connected with terrorist group. if the man wants to die, why take the lives of people on the plane with him? this is more like a mass murder to me.
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Share Pilot was locked out of cockpit
Dr.Bill.Shen 2015-3-26 17:36
Latest news is there is a possibility that the crash of germanwing airbus plane is a deliberateact ofsomeone. The audio recording shows that the captain was locked out of cockpitand he was trying to smash the door down before the plane went down precipitously. The co-pilot was probably controlling the plane and the co-pilot has 630 hours flying time.
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Share anger, hostility and heart problems
Dr.Bill.Shen 2015-3-16 16:23
An analysis of dozens of studies published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed a direct link between anger, hostility and heart problems. This should be deemed as a completmentary result to a spate of recent blogs regarding the factors detrimental to your health conditions from our medical expert Colin. Therefore, when you run into someone who is rude, abrasive, and totally brash, just ignore and walk away. do not engage. ...
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Share 3-Person Baby
Dr.Bill.Shen 2015-2-27 01:07
Read this from AP that UK is the first nation to pass a bill to allow the creation of human embryos from DNA of three persons. It has been quite a shock to me. Is this some form of legalization for carrying out human cleansing? What do you think of this ?nbsp;
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Share Excruciatingly Painful
Dr.Bill.Shen 2014-1-13 01:52
I once naively negated the claim that cheating could be part of Chinese culture in my reply to our fellow blogger Michael. Today, I am absolutely disgusted after watching an investigative report by CCTV on systematically organized ceating in a MBA entrence exam in some northeast well known university. Some shoddy business men set up training joint to prepare their clients for MBA entrence exams with a dubious 100% guaranteed success. Many applicants signed up for a five day training courses cost ...
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Share Slowing economy
Dr.Bill.Shen 2014-1-6 22:18
Today, both stock markets in Shanghai and Tokyo pared losses with 1.8% and 2.4% respectively after China's PMI number confirming a slowing China economy.divbr/divdivFrom Morning Briefing of Seeking Alpha:/divdivFall in Chinese services PMI indicates slowdown is broad-based. Chinese HSBC services PMI dropped to the lowest level since August 2011, falling to 50.9 in December from 52.5 in November. The decline mirrors a drop in the official print and in manufacturing PMI, suggesting ...
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Share Credit Crunch !
Dr.Bill.Shen 2013-12-23 21:57
In past few days, interbank lending rates spiked up. 7 days rate cleared 9% briefly and 14 days rate is about north of 8% as well. Yield curve is ominously inverted. PBOC has injected 300 billion into the market, but entire financial market seems struggling with year end cash crunch. A persistent inverted curve would imply a recession ahead. However I would surmise that the free floating of lending rates since july by PBOC caught banks off guard and they are not simply ready to face a much more ...
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