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Share Cherish the Present
zhxulong 2014-1-8 15:20
Cherish the Present
Saturday,I will take part in SET, which is the abbreviation of Sinopec English Test. I have no mood to review all the things I have learned during the last four months even I know reciting some sample articles is quite benificial at present. Actually, I am a little cntradicted. Getting a high score is significant for me, so I'd better try my best to do some necessary review. However, a high English level is not a result after short term studying, so I don' ...
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Share Expectation to go home
zhxulong 2014-1-7 19:29
Expectation to go home
I haven't been back home for 3 months. It's a very long time for me expecially my daughter is only about 10 months old. I miss my daughter, my wife and my mom. Yesterday, I watched a movie which is called Father of the Bride. It is very interesting and funny but some scenario made me quitely be touched. Daughter is the sweetheart ofher father in previous life.When shewas young, fathertook a good care of her, worrying about her ...
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Share Today, I feel very sad
zhxulong 2013-12-12 19:55
I feel quite upset today. I know that after so many days English studying I still fall behind of others and I still can not communicate with others with friend. This make me disappointed. Yesterday, I knew a girl on the internet. We spoke English by voice which gave me confidence and happiness. Only after one day changes my emotion. I have lost my confidence and I have no expectation for the future. I wonder why life always torture me. October this year I got a precious opportunity to study E ...
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