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Share A Divine Message for the White House
biblescholar 2015-6-12 18:54
Walk in Love on the Journey of Life 1. Jesus taught us to walk in love (A) Taught us to be reconciled to others Mt 5:21 "You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, `Do not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.' 22 But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to his brother, `Raca, ' is answerable to the Sanhedrin. But anyone who says, `You fool!' will be i ...
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Share Message from Zion(6)
biblescholar 2014-4-20 09:32
Rom4:17, the Elohim who gives life to the dead. Let's see Moses from the Scripture. Moses broke faith with Yahweh as he did not maintain the holiness of Yahweh before the Israelites (Dt32:48-51).Moses used the word "I" in Mizpah and did not show the holiness of Yahweh (Nu20:2-13 by speaking rash words (Ps106:33-34), and died in the land of Moab (Dt34:1-5). The archangel Michael contended for his corpse with the devil (Jude9), because Yahweh entrusted the world to the devil. So, the buried are i ...
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biblescholar 2014-4-7 19:54
Let’s continue with the morning’s. Isa55:1-4,Come and approach the water. The water is the word (Eph5:26), the word of life. Let’s buy wine and milk. Wine is the words from the mouth of the beloved (Ss7:8-9), who is the cedar and the friend of Yahweh (Ss5:10-16). The beloved is the cedar and the palm tree (Ps92:12), and the sycamore (2Ch1:15). And Jesus passes by the sycamore, for the word in the mouth of the beloved is Jesus (Lk19:1-4). Yahweh establishes an everlasting covenant with David, ...
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Share Message from Zion(3)
biblescholar 2014-4-3 19:27
Ge17:1-2, to be a perfect man, let’s see Ph3:12-15, to speak in the Holy Spirit is a perfect man. But those whose god is their belly set their minds on the earthly things. The god is of the world (2Co4:4), and the god is a demon (Ac17:22-24). How can we join in imitating Paul as an example? What Paul proclaims is the word of faith, not the flesh of Jesus. But so many are preaching the flesh of Jesus. The word is in the mouth, and confess the word is Jesus and Lord (Ro10:8-10). With the word in ...
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Share Message from Zion(2)
biblescholar 2014-3-27 14:58
Lot received two angels, and today we receive the Holy Spirit and the Holy Son as we hear the word. See Ge19:5-6,We should close the door--the door of the heart. If we do,David will eat bread in itas he is king(Eze44:1-3). The words of Yahweh are bread and water (Am8:11). The words of Yahweh are spirit and the spirit is bread. Lot gave up his two daughters, that is, one’s reputation and interest. He would let others abuse or speak. He would only care what Elohim knows about h ...
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Share Messages from Zion (1)
biblescholar 2014-3-23 03:32
When Yahweh accomplishes all his work in Mount Zion, he will punish the arrogance of Assyria (Isa10:12). First of all, let’s see: what is Zion and what is Mount Zion? SeeMic4:1, In the last days Yahweh will establish the mountain of his temple. What is the temple of Yahweh? The body of Jesus is the temple of the Father (Jn2:16-2). What Jesus spoke was the word (Jn12:44-48). And today, what’s explained of the Scriptures is the word (Lk24:25-27), and the word which was in the mouth of Pet ...
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Share Bind yourself to Yahweh in an everlasting covenant that will not be forgotten
biblescholar 2014-3-16 01:32
Jer50:4"Inthosedays,atthattime,"declaresYahweh,"thepeopleofIsraelandthepeopleofJudahtogetherwillgointearstoseekYahwehtheirGod.5TheywillaskthewaytoZionandturntheirfacestowardit.Theywillcomeandbindthems ...
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Share Worthy in the presence of God
biblescholar 2014-3-7 02:15
3Jn5Dear,youarefaithfulinwhatyouaredoingforthebrothers,eventhoughtheyarestrangerstoyou.6Theyhavetoldthechurchaboutyourlove.YouwilldowelltosendthemontheirwayinamannerworthyofGod. Ro8:29Forth ...
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Share Yahweh Restores David's Fallen Tent
biblescholar 2014-2-27 00:29
Am9:11"'InthatdayIwillrestoreDavid'sfallentent.Iwillrepairitsbrokenplaces,restoreitsruins,andbuilditasitusedtobe,12sothattheymaypossesstheremnantofEdomandallthenationsthatbearmyname,"declaresYahweh,wh ...
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Share Testifying about the Lord
biblescholar 2014-2-19 18:59
Mt24:14Andthisgospelofthekingdomwillbepreachedinthewholeworldasatestimonytoallnations,andthentheendwillcome. Lk24:44Hesaidtothem,"ThisiswhatItoldyouwhileIwasstillwithyou:Everythingmustbefulfilled ...
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