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Rom4:17, the Elohim who gives life to the dead. Let's see Moses from the Scripture. Moses broke faith with Yahweh as he did not maintain the holiness of Yahweh before the Israelites (Dt32:48-51).Moses used the word "I" in Mizpah and did not show the holiness of Yahweh (Nu20:2-13 by speaking rash words (Ps106:33-34), and died in the land of Moab (Dt34:1-5). The archangel Michael contended for his corpse with the devil (Jude9), because Yahweh entrusted the world to the devil. So, the buried are in its control. The prophets are all in the kingdom of Elohim (Lk13:28). Scientists have realized there is a planet with the living beings. They are the prophets. The prophets trusted in Yahweh. Today we who have received the Word must also trust in Yahweh. Mount Zion is the heavenly Jerusalem. There are innumerable angels up there (Heb12:22-23). The angels are the prophets. How could they rise to life? They had Christ who has power to resurrect them (Phl3:7-11). Paul considers everything as rubbish to gain Christ. Christ is ministered by Paul who speaks the Word in his mouth and writes the Spirit of Elohim on human hearts. As we receive the Word of Elohim, we receive His Spirit. It's Elohim who writes His Spirit, in accordance with His predestination and His will. Moses is a high priest (Ps99:6), the first Moses and the last Moses, Yahweh seeks out what has gone by. He abides in the sanctuary, which is Yahweh, the fountain of living water (Jer17:12-13). Moses speaking the Word has committed many of us to Yahweh without our awareness (Heb8:1-5). Yahweh puts his laws within us and writes them in our hearts (Heb8:10), and the law is spiritual (Rom7:12-14), and Christ is the eternal spirit. Jesus is the word of Elohim, which you are unable to recognize  if you are trapped in the doctrines of men, for you only know those big pastors or theologians, but in the doctrines of men there is no Christ, one stone not left upon another(Lk19:41-44) , for Jesus Christ is a stone (Ac4:10-12). Now it is the time for the visitation of Elohim. When the old is removed for the new, Yahweh looks in favor on His people (Lev26:9-12). All the prophets are in heaven (Rev6:9-11). The beast, Nebachanezzar, using the doctrine of men, blasphemes those who live in heaven (Rev13:1-6) by saying they are still in the earth. So much for the Elohim who gives life to the dead.
Concerning the Elohim of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, see Gen18:2 Abraham received the three angels, speaking the word of Elohim, and Sarah heard it and conceived Issac from the Holy Spirit (Ge18:9-13). Sarai was named Sarah because she was called the mother of a multitude (Ge17:15-17). Yahweh did to Sarah as He had promised. Issac was born to receive the inheritance (Ge21:1-12). The inheritance is Yahweh. The children born of the flesh are not the children of Elohim, only those born of the promise are (Rom9:1-13). So, children should also hear the Word so that the Spirit of Yahweh will fall upon them. Today we are both Jacob and Essau. Jacob seek the birthright. Jesus is the firstborn of Elohim, while Essau refers to our flesh. Abraham offered Issac by believing that Elohim was able to raise him from the dead and Issac blessed Jacob by faith (Heb11:17-21). See Ge22:1-18, the message from the angel is very clear and sonorous, different from the devil’s. Elohim speaks once and twice, but men do not perceive it, so He will use dreams and visions to open their ears and inscribe a teaching on their hearts (Job33:14-21).. When Yahweh first spoke to Samuel, who was serving Yahweh before Eli, Samuel did not know Yahweh, for the Word Eli spoke was Yahweh (1Sa3:1-9). It was Eli teaching him. When we fail to understand Yahweh again and again, we will be punished with pains in our bones. Yahweh speaks once and twice, and if you do not answer, He will not speak any more (Job40:1-5). Elohim speaks and gives power (Ps62:17-18). The power He gives us will take us up to the skies (Ps68:32-35). Abraham offered Issac just because he believed that Elohim was able to raise him from the dead. This is the faith of Abraham. Two kinds of children he has, one like the stars in heaven, the other like the sand of the seashore, on which the devil stands (Rev12:17). Abraham obeyed the voice of Yahweh. And we who obey the voice of Yahweh ar his descendants. See Ge26:2-18, Yahweh appeared to Issac, telling him to reside in the land Yahweh showed him. The prophets all dwelt in the word of Elohim (Jer11:1-13). Today as we speak from the Scriptures, Yahweh also lives with us. But we have to leave the Philistines, that is, the gentiles (Isa14:32). Otherwise it will stop up the well of living water. The fountain of living water is in us. We must abandon the gentiles’ behavior (Ps87).

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literature2013: So, I need to hear Paul preach to gain Christ. Guess Bible Scholar must be a Paul.
I think so.

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  • Message from Zion(6) 2014-4-20 16:25

    literature2013: "The prophets trusted in Yahweh. Today we who have received the Word must also trust in Yahweh."

  • Message from Zion(6) 2014-4-20 16:16

    literature2013: So, I need to hear Paul preach to gain Christ. Guess Bible Scholar must be a Paul.
    I think so.

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