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Share Cross-cultural Thoughts for the Chinese New Year- the Year of Sheep
PoetChao 2015-3-2 08:43
I can’t figure out for the time being why the Chinese culture is so closely knit with the Biblical information, the so-called root of the western civilization. For instance, the complex Chinese character 義 for righteousness is really amazing: its upper part is 羊 for sheep or lamb and its lower part is the word 我 for I or me, which consists of a hand holding a spear. You might be reminded of the Bible and picture the gospel John chapter nineteen: Jesus the ...
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Share Some Comments on Chao's Poetry
PoetChao 2013-11-28 09:41
Chao's great strength as a poet lies in the simplicity of his chosen words, his truths and his imagery. The reader is repeatedly invited to take part in timeless and memorable expressions of deeply felt experience. -------Elizabeth Jolley, The Fate of a Grasshopper Chao writes deeply imaged poetry with an eye for what is happening below the surface. It is moral poetry that engages with a liviely and inviting intimacy. A Chinese poet writing in English, he has managed to comb ...
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