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I want to make a change.

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        Yesterday was a special day:Chinese Valentine's Day,even though I never have a deep memory for 25 years on the day.With the development of internet,sometimes you are barely impossible to neglect some Special Days.I got the idea that yesterday was a special day from full of Promotion information websites when I opened my laptop.But yesterday,as it to me,maybe it was an ordinary time like before:I often stay at dorm with my roomie,learn some literatures on my research subject and watching some movies and snooker championship which recorded as videos.I do not want to go out because it's hotter than few days ago.
       Yesterday,I did not eager to read references as usual,I suddenly keen on spending some time to recall something and  people those I did and met during my college life,I'm not feel I still live in college life even though now I also keep in campus for degree.I admited that I once had a crush on few girls amid my college time.I pursued for a girl for a long period and failed finally.I think she made a right choice although I felt very sad when she told me that we are not suitable to be lover and we'd better just kept a friendship.Because she just think I am a very guy but she fully had no feelings about love.I know I am not good at express my feelings to others,especially to the girl who I likes.I always shy when I meet other girl who I have a good feelings at the first sight.What's worse,I have no idea how to talk with she,if I have a heartbeat rapidly.In the usual days,I am a little humour boy,but I am mute when I step into that situation.Many good friends around me usually say that I am not fit to have a courtship but I am a good choice if girls want to have a happy marriage.At last,maybe I must have a blind date if I do not have a grilfriend in two years.BTW,I am not fully oppose blind date.
       Now,I always feel that it is boring becaue I have little entertainment activities with others.As a student,I am not hate the assays but I dislike the life which lack of  passions.We have no any activities for more than one year,but the rest time is always like that.Life is like a pool of dead water,that is not my pursuit.I want to make a change,but i have no idea about that so far.
       I want to share that I have a very very weird roomie who never tell others what his ideas about anything,because he always say nothing when you ask his thoughts toward anything.He is the most weirdo who I met in my campus time.He also have two things these I can not bear,one:he often spit everywhere and he also spit to downstairs(we live in the forth floor.)two:he always waste water,I accidentally find that he get a basin of water from the tap after he have a footbath,and then he pour out the water directly even though he is not use the water at all.I told he should not do things like that and he just said these are good suggestions and he spit and waste water like before.As he has few words talk with us,so we can count the words which he once talked with us(there are four people in my dormitory.).And he has no friends so far.We are in our summer break,there are only him and me in the dorm.So far,we just said few meaningless words.He often stare at books or screen of computer,it seems that he is learning seriously,actually I do not know what's he really thoughts when he doing things like that.I want to make a change.But how to change?

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