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Share Tuanyuanfan
wingless 2014-2-1 14:24
For the older generation at home, weeks will be spent spring cleaning and making all the other arrangements and preparations to welcome the younger generation home for the spring festival. The last week will be spent purchasing food from the wet market and the supermarket. Thus the food preparation began with the soaking and washing of the dried sea food, for example the sea cucumber and the cuttlefish. Lots of care and love went into the preparation so that the younger generation can eat thei ...
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Share Dave
wingless 2014-1-15 15:07
I met Dave when he was still in his mothers womb. I had been going to thisNGO centre where I met his mum, a fraildrug dependant, 6 months into pregnancy. We went through numerous counselling sessions and the day came when Dave had to be brought into this world by ceaserean and I was quietly pleased that all went well. It all happened on the 6th day of the Spring Festival nearly 24 years ago..... I visited Dave once every month and watch him grow but it was a very sad scenar ...
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Share Where have all the fun gone???
wingless 2014-1-3 15:56
As a kid, I remembered havings loads of cousins from my various aunties and uncles and school holidays and any other festivals was a time to rejoice. We would all be visiting some auntie or uncles house and there would always be at least 10 to 15 of us kids. There would always be plenty of food and thingsfor us kids to do. We would all be jumping off the woodenjetty into the seaduring high tide, collecting clams and mollusc during low tide, catching crabs with a forget-me- ...
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Share Merry Christmas.
wingless 2013-12-24 16:21
Merry Christmas to all our Christian members of the forum. The world over is celebrating Christmas on the 25th December. For people in some parts of the world, it is the cultural dimensions of celebrations and festivity which dominate the day with gifts, food and decorations. There is alsoa very strong consumer and commercial orientation attachedto every celebration of any cultural festival, not only Christmas.The main reasonfor the celebration has long been forgotte ...
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Share Karma or Samsara?
wingless 2013-12-6 20:48
As we get older, we cannot help but wonder what life is all about. Sometimes, I tend to belief very much in the fact that everybody who comes into your life has a reason to do so and it is up to you to learn something from him or her. When that reason is done, he or she will just disappear out of your life for no reason at all, like a close friend who has moved away or someone dear who has just passed away or a couple who is divorced.I actually belief in cause and effect and it is mo ...
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Share Awesome Mother Nature
wingless 2013-12-2 13:36
Travelling is in my blood and I derive the greatest pleasure from travelling alone. IT keeps me on my toes and I learnt alot about other cultures.On 1 such trip, whilst in Greenland I actually stumbled upon a very interesting discovery. 3a.m. and it was like afternoon back home and I could still see boys playing football in the small park. Unable to sleep, I went out to look around the hotel foyer. There were lots of ornaments in the show cupboard and my eyes landed on a unicorn with its ...
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Share The devils and the angels in our lives.
wingless 2013-11-24 13:39
Life always have its ups and downs, I suppose that is what it is all about, the ups to make up happier for awhile and the downs for us to learn something. Some could just be in the passing and we soon forget all about it and some would bring us tremendous heartache for a long time. But I believe everything happens for a reason and it is up to us to see what we can learn from it. When the devil strikes, it can often bring us down to our knees in despair and I am sure most of us has been through ...
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Share The ungrateful Lin tai tai from Nanping
wingless 2013-11-18 16:00
To continue the story, when Kow Siau Wah came to know about the theft from my husband,he told Mr Lin about it. So Mr Lin went home and asked Lin tai tai whether shestole them and she said she didnt. When asked what her hairband is doing in my room, she said she was looking for cotton buds after washing her hair. I want everyone to tell me whether this absolves her from the crime.
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Share Thank you to all those who cared to reply.
wingless 2013-11-18 15:23
In reply to those who wanted to see a photo of Lin tai tai, the thief, I am sorry to say that I dont even know what she looks like as I dont know her. I too would seriously like to know what she looks like.I was away in Canada when she came here with her husband. Thank you so much to huaren2323. I will try to look through my albums to see if I have any pictures with the jewelleries. In fact, I dont even know what anybody looks like as Kow Siau Wah is my husbands friend. But I would be ...
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Share Ungrateful Lin tai tai from Nanping
wingless 2013-11-11 13:56
What I have written yesterday goes to show that the world is full of all types of people and that we have to be very careful in trusting people. Sometimes, it really puts you off from showing some kindness to others. But I would rather take my chances again and completely wipe out the ungrateful Lin tai tai from my memory.
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