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Report jarryxzs 2013-4-3 10:40
Report jarryxzs 2013-3-28 10:59
Report camella99 2012-10-22 12:24
Hi Dear
i am very happy to contact you
My name is Camella West, i am a young decent,responsible,God fearing and intelligent girl studying medicine in university,. looking for a reliable and trusted, honest person., I believe we can get acquainted, so if it interests you, please reach me back here for further communications. I stop here awaiting your responds.
Please get back to my email box ( so that I will send my picture to you and tell you more about my self, A good friendship is the foundation build on other relative things to come, God bless you.

May God bless you as I wait impatiently to read from you
With Loves & Regards
Miss Camella.
Report desperado123 2012-8-13 09:27
me too.
Report Aaron-Woodrow 2012-8-11 21:55
   Nice to meet you.
Report tinababy2012 2012-7-29 03:48
Greeting From Tina
How are you today? and how about your health? hope fine and you are doing well, My Name Is Miss Tina, I am looking for a very nice man of love, caring, honest, matured, understanding, and of good character, then after going to your profile on this site ( i pick interest in you, so i will like you to write me with My E-mail address is ( ) so that i will send you my picture and tell you more about me
Miss Tina
Report the_yeti 2012-3-29 10:07
1。 ***这些是错误百出,语无伦次的英语。怎会是出自哈佛? ***
中文: 此刻打盹,你将做梦;而此刻学习,你将圆梦。 英语译成 This moment will nap, you will have a dream; But this moment study,you will interpret a dream.

(中文的意思是 “你若此刻打盹”, “你”是主语 ,英文变了 “This moment" 是主语! 变了 "此刻“是而不是 ”人“去打盹。)."圆梦" 是 ” dream fulfilled"; "interpret a dream" 是“解梦。”

软件是一个字一个字的译 (此刻"this moment)(打盹 will nap"), 软件不能悟出“nap 打盹" 者是个人( "你"), 而不是个时间 “此刻”。
1.***这些是错误百出,语无伦次的英语。怎会是出自哈佛? ***
哈佛已在 2010年11月8日開了專頁回答說哈佛大学里的图书馆没有这类‘训言’.哈佛的公告:
2.The Harvard Library Study Room Wall Statement Nonsense
Report baby150 2012-3-9 06:25
Hello dear,
My name is cynthia I saw your profile today in and became interested in you and want to contact me back through my private e-mail here ( so that i can give you my picture for you to know who i am
and remember that distance or color does not matter but love matters
allot in life are waiting for your urgent reply.
Report desperado123 2011-12-17 13:08
thanks for your kind invitation.
Report unicelove 2011-12-16 18:49
My name is unice
I saw your profile today in this site and get intrested to know you, because you look very nice in your profile, here is my email address ( send me an email so that i will send you my photos and tell you more about my self,.
   mail me at(
  Remember distance,color,religion or tribe does not matter but love matters a lot.
kiss my dear love
Report voice_cd 2011-12-15 16:07
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  • Spring snow in Beijing 2013-3-31 00:19

    huaren2323: Thanks Desperado123. Looks peaceful and white....must be difficult to get out of parking and drive in smaller streets with wet snow.

  • How to say No to other people 2013-3-23 16:02

    'No' is the word we must use to protect ourselves
    Now i am going to be 30,and start to say no...not too late I hope

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