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Share A light in the darkness
2013-2-22 15:39
A light in the darkness
Sometimes, a slim light in your homewould bring your hope and delight especially when you are in low and under big pressure. Now I realize why people need to find a partner and why there is a word "family" . There was a household public ad to explain the meaning of "family" on CCTV, "Father, Mother and I Lean on each other." Ionce was touched by this promotion and now I feel itstronger than ever before. Family brings me theslim but warm light andit leads m ...
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Share Immigration, the trend to flee away from China?
2013-2-20 18:01
Under the recent "airpoclypse" threat and skyrocketing house prices, one of my friends in Qingdaohas made their finaly decision to emigrate to Canada where his relatives have settled many years ago. Now more and more people choose to leave China for a better enviroment as they can't find a better future for the current issues like air pollution, food safety, education and social welfare. On the contrary, they could reach the ideal life overnightby emigrating into devel ...
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Share Would China benefit from a United Korea?
2013-2-17 10:44
This is an article from WSJ on Febr. 15, the author tried to deduce that the collapse of the North Korea is not a disaster but a blessing for China. I am not sure if the situation would followauthor's baton but it'stime for China to refect its decade-still peninsulapolicy after a big stumble from North Korea's unpredictablenuclear test. STEVE TSANG The official Chinese reaction to North Korea's third nuclear test is stern but lacks meaningful b ...
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Share An open letter to parents of 'leftover woman' [FW]
2013-2-2 19:14
By Joy Chen Dear fellow parents, Spring Festival is approaching! You must be so eagerly anticipating your daughter's return home. What wisdom will you impart during your short time together? 'Hurry, hurry, get married!' If you're like many parents, you'll hurry her to get married. Ideally, to a multi-millionaire. A multi-millionaire who's also a gourmet chef, family doctor, and multiple-passport holder. Because if you could get her safely adopted by a husband like that, you could re ...
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Share Disclosure of officials' assets makes sense!
2013-1-31 18:51
In retrospect, I was a supporter of Littleboat who wrote than article about the publication of the officials' assets. Yes, it makes no difference under the current circumstance to make disclosure of officials' proper cause they could find dozens of ways to deceive or elude the surveillance. For example, they could use fake identification card for theirhidden assets and "reasonable and legal" proper under the real name.In otherwords,officials always have moremethods ...
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Share Five habits you need to drop
2013-1-23 19:10
I nearly got all the bad habits below so I need work hard to overcome them Not only do people make new resolutions at the start of the New Year, but many are also looking to drop bad habits. A toxic habit can be an insidious force in your life — you'll keep falling into its trap, and pretty soon, it'll become second nature and you won't even notice it. Instead, when unfortunate events happen in your life, you'll wonder how they all came about without realizing that you set them ...
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Share What you can't learn from reading
2013-1-20 19:10
I has been told since I was a toddler that books can teach me variety of experiences and knowledge. It is ture to some extent and that's why I have chance to write this blog. If I didn't receive education and read so many books, I can hardly have this opportunity to type down those words before a computer here. Chances are I would be a migrant worker just like my peers in my hometown. However, something you just can't read between the lines. Life itself can teach you a ...
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Share Top tip if you're going out in Beijing: don't breathe (the Guardian)
2013-1-14 18:43
Top tip if you're going out in Beijing: don't breathe (the Guardian)
The environment now is taking vengeance on human after decade-long ignorance given the GDP growth. I still remebered our teacher told us when in junior middle school, that we (China) can't follow the unsustainable growth road which western nations did. Now, we are just on the same way and we even go further than them. When it comes to air pollution, the long-suffering residents of Beijing tend to think they have seen it all. But this weekend, instruments measuring the levels of part ...
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Share China's 'little emperors' are no risk takers?
2013-1-11 15:18
Being a post-80s under the one-child family policy, I doubt the 420 interviewees could stand for the group of the millions of kids in such family. HONG KONG - China's family planning policy has produced less competitive children compared to the generation born before the policy was introduced, a study has found. Researchers from Australia's Monash University staged a series of economic games and personality surveys involving 420 people -- half of th ...
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Share how to adjust to troubled situation
2013-1-10 19:47
you know you should get out of the negative circumstance but no matter how hard you try, you just can't pull yourself out. It would be helpful to leave the old envirnment and find yourself a new one to start again. It helped when I failed my first entrance exam for college. I spent a couple of weeks out of home and found a job in a totally unfamiliar city. Time passed faster in a new place and you would pay more attention and energy to adjust the new environment and new friends of ...
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  • Spring snow in Beijing 2013-3-31 00:19

    huaren2323: Thanks Desperado123. Looks peaceful and white....must be difficult to get out of parking and drive in smaller streets with wet snow.

  • How to say No to other people 2013-3-23 16:02

    'No' is the word we must use to protect ourselves
    Now i am going to be 30,and start to say no...not too late I hope

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