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Share Why Are Our Kids Useless?
desperado123 2013-4-8 13:45
Why Are Our Kids Useless?
This is a question I have been wondering for a long time, now it casts a light on it after reading this article. by Alison Gopnik Why are children so, well, so helpless? Why did I spend a recent Sunday morning putting blueberry pancake bits on my 1-year-old grandson's fork and then picking them up again off the floor? And why are toddlers most helpless when they're trying to be helpful? Augie's vigorous efforts to sweep up the pancake detritus with a much ...
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Share Just-right level Of self-esteem for a child
desperado123 2013-3-25 11:15
How to praise your kids now seems a formidable task for parents today. A wave of recent research has pointed to the risks of overpraising a child. But for parents, drawing the line between too little praise and too much has become a high-pressure balancing act. Cara Greene, a mother of three children ages 1 to 8, is wary of deliberately pumping up her kids' egos, for fear of instilling the sense of entitlement she sees in young adults 'who have been told they're wonderful and t ...
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Share Spring snow in Beijing
desperado123 2013-3-20 10:00
Spring snow in Beijing
Awesome and amazing snow scenes in the morning of Beijing
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Share How to say No to other people
desperado123 2013-3-18 15:42
By Joy Chen with Wall Street Journal At the 1997 Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, Steve Jobs was asked why he slashed a program that some in the audience had worked hard on. This is how he responded: 'You've got to say No, No, No and when you say No you piss off people.' The reason, he said, is that 'Focusing is about saying No.' Well, it's the same for each of us as individuals. To accomplish anything in life, we need focus, and that requires learning to say no. 'No ...
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Share China swap chopsticks with knife and fork?
desperado123 2013-3-14 13:36
How to balance the tradition and environment, that's the question! But I don't think policy-makers would take the swap suggestion and notwithstanding it's hard for Chinese to get used to knife and fork since the chopsticks have been used so many years. -------- from It is a battle that has divided East and West for centuries: Are chopsticks superior to the knife and fork? Now the debate may finally be decided, on environmental grounds. With 1.4 ...
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Share An Unhappy Middle in the Middle Kingdom
desperado123 2013-3-9 16:58
China is payingits peasants i.e. migrant workersback for what they did for this country in the past 3 decades.But thecompensationis at the cost of thenewly-bornmiddle class. The solution to this question lies in the reallocation of the wealth in the upcoming years. from WSJ by Wei Gu China has the world's largest number of billionaires and 700 million peasants. In between is a surprisingly thin and unhappy middle class, which poses a ...
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Share How to celebate the Women's Day?
desperado123 2013-3-8 16:06
Today's a day which is celebrated to honor the great women, like our mother, wife and so on. So I am planning to leave earlier today and make abundant of dishes for my mom and wife to thank them all they have done for the family and me. I will try to buy a bunch of flowers on the way home if there are vendors on theoverpass. Happy Women's Day for you all especially those profession women in China cause they word harder than any in other places of the world.
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Share Was Chavez the last of a kind?
desperado123 2013-3-7 17:20
In recent years, it was Hugo Chávez – far more than Fidel Castro – who was the international face of Latin American radicalism: the spiritual heir to Che, Perón and Castro himself. Now that Chávez is dead, will we see his like again? I suspect that the answer is probably not. Chávez himself will be hard to imitate. But there will certainly be people in Venezuela, and elsewhere, who will adopt his style. The bigger problem is that the whole Chávez model no longer looks so attractive in ...
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Share Helping Parents Score On The Homework Front (from WSJ)
desperado123 2013-3-4 15:47
A useful reading for me and I will be the parent to help my son over homework after 5-6 years. Homework can be as monumental a task for parents as it is for children. So what's the best strategy to get a kid to finish it all? Where's the line between helping with an assignment and doing the assignment? And should a parent nag a procrastinating preteen to focus -- or let the child fall behind and learn a hard lesson? As schools pile on more homework as early as preschool, many pa ...
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Share Urbanization is a blessing or curse for China?
desperado123 2013-3-1 16:34
Urbanziation seems to be the last straw for China's economy in the eye of the leading groups. With the new generation of managing team takes office, the prices of houses in China see a big jump in the wake of the urge of developing cities. Now few friends of mine still believe the administration could cramp down over the rising real estate prices, thus some of them make their final unwilling decision to jump into the boiling water and buy an apartment before it turn into the stars in the va ...
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