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Share Will I have chance to pursuit my dream when I am in the age of my 30s
2017-7-6 09:54
I wish I can pick up my dreams from now on, even I am in my age of 30s; I wish I can learn from now on from next seconds; I wish I can back to Chinadaily bbs , as I did before; I wish I can hold my own this time, I wish it's not to late for go back for my dreams.
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Share I am back!
2015-9-6 14:07
Welcome myself back here!
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Share Are you ready for April Fools' Day
2015-3-31 23:25
The April Fool's day is coming. Are you ready for it? April Fool's is a for-fun-only observance. It's simply a fun little holiday. When I was in high school, my deskmate always hid my workbooks or made jokes on me for fun on April Fool's day. I was impressive on April Fool's day of the first year in high shcool. T o be frank, my understanding for politics was too superficialin my teenageand I disliked our politics teacher,always r ...
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Share A yell from the Vitim's Inner Heart
2015-3-25 12:13
It ’ snotanovel,itisarealcaseIexperiencedlastweek.Especiallyfora female,amom,March18th,2015wasabreathtakingdaywithnightmare, evenIstillfeltfearafteritfinishedandthankfulfortheblessingfrom Heavenatthe  ...
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Share Say to , on International Women’s Day
2015-3-6 23:14
The day after tomorrow will be the International Women's Day. Firstly, I would like to tell my mom " Happy Women's Day." Secondly,although my daughter is still a kid, in the future, she will bea mature female, will be awife,a mom also, therefore, I would like to tell my daughter " wish you have a happy life. " Finally, I would like to tell myself learn to be a better myself, learn to be a good mom and good daughter, although it wi ...
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Share Keep updating in 2015, to have a better myself
2015-3-2 22:41
Keep updating in 2015, to have a better myself
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Share Exhausted
2013-12-4 22:05
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Share Some of them were spoiled a lot by Chinese
2013-11-29 00:40
As the opening policy made by Chinese goverment, more and moreofficials from international organizations joined Chinese Projects, teaching in China, theyhad become more skillful and experienced, while, some of them were spoiled a lot by Chinese.
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Share Shocks and Angers
2013-11-18 23:19
Today, I watched the program of CCTV-1 at lunch, after that, my inner world couldn't get peace easily. The news was about a pregnant woman. I was shocked with the attitudes and responses from the pregnant women, and in front of camera lens, she hasn’t show any regrets to this thing, while, back and forth, she stressed she was ashamed to her husband due to having an affair with a workmate before their wedding. Rather than the girls death. Unbelievable! ...
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Share Weclome myself here!
2013-11-8 22:00
, welcome!
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  • I am back! 2015-9-6 15:25

    Then welcome back!

  • Are you ready for April Fools' Day 2015-4-7 20:17

    ColinSpeakman:    This is a good post but bad timing. i just point out a cultural difference. In many Western countries you would not see this post on media just ...
    I've learned, many thanks for your comments. I just knew some superficial meanings of April Fools Day, haven't fully understand the culuture, perhaps I should have written who and what have been the componets of your April Fools Day.

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