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Share i am in a special situation
2014-9-15 15:00
This year has been such difficult for me, cuz i am pregnant of twins. And my body feel not so good all the time, though it didnt happpen any unconfortable. I feel body is unusual and admire other girls who were in nice clothes and walking gently. More worse is i am always afraid of the time for giving birth, i wonder how hard it would be, just the time giving birth. and wonder how the doctors will treat me, and how ba ...
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Share i feel vomitting
2014-4-23 15:55
i feel vomitting
i dont feel well these days, and always wanna have something,but after had,i would feel vomitting and disgusting.
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Share how do you say if i change my work from governmental job to teacher
2014-4-9 16:10
How do you say if i change my work from governmental job to to be a teacher? I became a governmental worker from 2009. but now have to change work. cuz being a teacher ismy initial dream. Besides, myhusband teahes in another county and i have to move there, so taking a new exam to become a Teacher is neccesary for me now and have to abandon my governmental work. It really needs guts to take action. Thus, i can be with my husband and can go to somewhere in summeror wi ...
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Share should not stay idle
2014-4-3 14:35
Working in office is sometimes interesting, funny and even boring. Thus, i wanna give my dream a try. i dont wanna let it dispared. I dont tell my dream now, cuz it makes me feel that the dream is much difficult to make it come true if i tell it out, so i will share it with you at the end of this year . but it related to school and further education. i just hope to get there when i can at this age. time waits nobody, so you see. i have to do it now,just now, not tomorr ...
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Share it's been 5years since joined work
2014-3-20 23:31
iwas graduated in2009 and it's been five years up to now,huh? though, i have been trying my best to work hard and made some progress in work, i am still on the starting line while others who joined work after me are flying and got higher position. i feel unfair and sometimes unhappy about this, but sometimes i think i should adapt to this kind of environment, cuzpeople mightknow how is it. Besides, i wont be hungryanddying ...
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Share i cannt imagine how hard it will be
2014-2-11 15:08
something happened during the lunar new year that my bf came to visit my home and so did i. Unfortunately, when i back to my home from his, his family didnt agree with our relationship and suggested to broke up cause of long distance(it takes about 5 hours from my bf place to mine). my bf and i both feel disperated and heartbroken. he doesnt know wether he should be with me or listen to his parents. since we keep in touch for more than two years, he also cannt broke up ...
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Share tough time
2013-12-30 16:36
it is near to my exam for master degree, i cannt set aside some time for reading books since these days there are lots of guests in my home, i feel upset that i cannt pass it and have to try again next time. The thing is that i dont wanna try it again next year. i hope to pass it this time, unfortunately, i am on and off my relationship with someone who gonna marry me duringthis new year. i dont know how to get rid of the tough things of my way. &nb ...
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Share The girls who envolved in reading are more beautiful
2013-12-13 10:04
reading is such a good habit, i always think so. when i addicted in shopping too much or doing something extremely, i feel it makes nonsense. And start reading unexpectedly, cuz it makes me feel powerful and mainingful and can make me have a certain purpose to carry on. tells me what is right from wrong, what kind of life is mainingful. i really can getmuch from reading.
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Share bhutan film
2013-11-8 14:39
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Share first time i come here to write blog
2013-11-8 11:14
i notice this blog from a net friend, i'd like to start my blog, this is so nice
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  • i am in a special situation 2014-9-16 16:40

    laoren1234: Plenty of twins are born every year by natural birth. Being concerned is normal, especially for a first time mother. Just do your exercise routinely a ...
    Thanks for your advice so much

  • i am in a special situation 2014-9-16 13:09

    Plenty of twins are born every year by natural birth. Being concerned is normal, especially for a first time mother. Just do your exercise routinely and you will be fine. Congratulations!

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