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Report cody160 2014-8-27 14:03
RiceRice: Hi Cody, congratulations on winning the blog contest! You are really awesome!
Thank you! You are one of the first few bloggers I knew since I registered my membership on this forum, and have been very supportive all along. Without the support of someone like you, I wouldn't have gone this far. So there are many unsong heroes in this competition, although they didn't win themselves, they helped others to win.
Report Kabisco751 2014-5-31 21:04
I have published a blog about "Sierra Leone Calling for Foreign Trade  and Foreign Direct Investment".Sierra leone,Will welcome any interested   partner in fulfilling his/her Trade or Investment dreams to come true .
Regards from Sierra Leone
Report Kabisco751 2014-5-25 04:19
African Day is quite a memorable and interesting occasion in the life of Africans in the whole world.On that note, the Liaoning University African student Association(LUASA) did a grand style celebration on Saturday the 24th of May 2014 to recognize this wonderful event.Look forward for my next post for an update on that.
Report Kabisco751 2014-5-20 01:33
You are welcome, is good to be connected to share ideas,experience and knowledge.Cheers
Report Kabisco751 2014-5-19 14:29
You are welcome.Nice to be connected
Report cody160 2014-5-12 11:48
RiceRice: Cody, actually I posted one but deleted it later because I don't like it. I will write when i am inspired. How about you, did u write any?
Yes, I've posted two blogs so far since May. Hope you'll soon get inspired.
Report cody160 2014-5-12 09:44
Hi, Rice. The competition has kicked off and I noticed that you've not posted your blog yet. Maybe you've been busy all these days, so I just want to remind you the event. Hope to read your story soon.
Report cody160 2014-4-24 08:36
Hi, Rice. Nice to see you joined the blogging contest and I just submitted my application for it. You would be a strong contender and hope you have a good time during the contest.
Report seclusive 2014-2-10 23:57
Report KIyer 2014-1-21 10:29
thanks for your flowers on my blog!
Report cody160 2014-1-16 01:31
Hi, RiceRice. As I was reading your blogs, I couldn't help but found that your stories could easily resonate with me for I had the same kind of family background and I had many similar life experiences with you.
First of all, I also came from a rural family in Hunan and my father also worked as a carpenter before. I also have a sister who didn't have a chance to go to college as I did just because of the economic situation of our family at that time. I'm also the kind of person who doesn't treat the birthdays of himself/herself seriously.
You're a good storyteller and you have a very good reason to share your stories with us because we may found ourselves in your story.
Your life isn't easy, but I can see that you're a tough girl and are optimistic about your future. Hope that you can share more of your stories with us and I'd like to share more of mine with you.

Yours sincerely,
Report wingless 2013-12-18 13:12
Tell her to be very careful and proceed very slowly and with care before going into it head over heels.
Report Pond 2013-11-25 15:21
Report voice_cd 2013-11-22 08:55
RiceRice: Hi, voice_cd, sorry to bother you, but I have a question. I think the guy who is resoponsible for blog homepage made a mistake as the title of my new  ...
See if it's correct now? Thank you for contributing
Report voice_cd 2013-11-21 20:11
RiceRice: Hi, voice_cd, sorry to bother you, but I have a question. I think the guy who is resoponsible for blog homepage made a mistake as the title of my new  ...
Thank you for your contribution to our forum. We are so sorry about the mistake. We will correct your blog's title as soon as possible. Thanks for your message and have a good time in our forum.
Report SoCalChevy 2013-11-15 08:56
Good username! I like rice too!
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  • One Yuan 2014-9-1 08:30

    We (foreigners) are told that if we don't bargain, we're not respected. I guess he was showing respect by giving back that one Yuan.

  • In Memory of My Grandma 2014-9-1 08:28

    She lives on in you, and she is beautiful! Thank you for introducing her.

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