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Share Visiting My Grandpa
2015-2-27 12:38
Visiting My Grandpa
It was raining outside on the second day of Chinese Lunar January, but it didn’t stop us to visit our dear grandpa who lives about 10 kilometers away. My father, brother, sister and I drove two motorcycles there. It was not very cold fortunately. My grandpa lives alone in an old adobe house where he and grandma raised six children. The house is simple and crude, with floor and walls unpainted. The furniture inside the house is old-fashioned, except a big second-hand TCL brand TV which ...
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Share Are Chinese Tired?
2015-1-13 10:43
My boss had a chat with us yesterday. He said the reason why she sent her daughter to New Zealand is that he doesn’t want her to live in such a complicate country/society like China, that he wants her to be a simple person and be happy and do whatever she likes. I always thought my boss must be very happy with lots of money/property and a perfect family. But from our chat it seems that he is not. He said he was very tired. So are Chinese tired? I ...
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Share Three and Out
2015-1-7 22:36
I got on the No. 20 bus in the morning. The bus was as crowded as usual. There were people getting in at each stop but no one getting off. It’s not surprising to see this at rush hours. I managed to find a place to stand, hoping there won't be any traffic jam this morning. When the bus pulled over at the third stop, an old lady who was shabbily dressed got on from the rear door and shouldered her way to the courtesy seat where a young man was sitting. The young man was very consi ...
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Share My Younger Sister's Trip to Shanghai
2014-12-29 16:44
My Younger Sister's Trip to Shanghai
My younger sister came to my place two weeks ago right after she left the army. She was intended to find a part-time job here in Shanghai and then go back home with me for Spring Festival. However it’s not easy to find one which lasts only two months and near the place where I live. So she ended up being a waitress in a fast food restaurant. She had to work 9 hours each day serving dishes and cleaning tables and floor and she kept doing that for 6 days until she caug ...
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Share What’s your plan for this National Day holiday?
2014-9-25 16:39
I made a plan for this National Day holiday almost two month ago that I would to go to Xiamen with my friends to breathe its clean air, enjoy its beautiful scenery and experience the life of petty bourgeoisie. Having worked in Shanghai for over two years, the places I went to were all located in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province. It’s time to visit some place which is a little further from here. Xiamen is a good choice although there will be full of people, but which place won’t be ...
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Share In Memory of My Grandma
2014-8-28 21:58
It’s been ten years since grandma passed away but she is always in my heart as if she never left me. That was a cloudy day. I came back from school and found many neighbours gathering in our house. Then I saw mum. When the word that your grandma passed away came out from her month, I suddenly burst into tears like the whole world was falling apart. It’s grandma who took care of me when I was little because Dad was busy making money to support the family and ...
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Share One Yuan
2014-7-29 17:01
On the way home I passed by a stall, which displays all kinds of beautiful hairpins. Attacted by them, I picked two for myself. "How much are they?" I asked the vendor. "20 yuan", he replied. In my subconscious, it's silly not to bargain when buying stuff in a stall. "Well," I said, "Could you give me a discount?" "Uh...OK...OK, 19, can't be cheaper any more." He agreed as if he had suffered great loss. It seemed to me that I had finished the routine bargaining process and res ...
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Share Do You Love Your Present Life?
2014-6-19 15:23
About one month ago, one of my senior high school classmates rang me and told me that she was considering to quit her job as a teacher in the high school attached to Hunan Normal University. I was so shocked because being a teache in such a school is many people's dream in my hometown. This is an "iron bowl" with high salary and long holidays. Then she explained that she have felt a lot of pressure teaching students, especially when most of students' parents constanly send her presents or invit ...
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Share My Campus Love
2014-5-23 12:10
My Campus Love
It’s been two years since our graduation and 32 months since Chris and I were together. While most campus lovers choose to end their relationship when graduating, we decided to maintain it. “There are already too many goodbyes and don’t give up on the relationship we just started.” That’s what we thought when graduation approaching. Chris and I are from the same province and we happened to go to the same university in Xi’an. We got to know each other on a townsm ...
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Share My Sister
2013-11-21 12:05
My Sister
OnOct16ataround2pm,mymumringedme.ThemomentIpickedupthephone,Iheardababywascrying.Icouldtellfromthesoundthatit ’ sanewborn.30secondslatercamemum ’ svoice, “ Huanjustgavebirthtoababy! ” Great!Th ...
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Recent comments
  • One Yuan 2014-9-1 08:30

    We (foreigners) are told that if we don't bargain, we're not respected. I guess he was showing respect by giving back that one Yuan.

  • In Memory of My Grandma 2014-9-1 08:28

    She lives on in you, and she is beautiful! Thank you for introducing her.

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