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Share What are you working hard for? A case for Work-Life Balance.
2014-3-10 05:47
Battle continues for 8-hour workday - Chen Weihua I read with interest about Chen Weihua's article about the fight for an 8 hour workday. In the past, there used to be a saying that if you stand still, you fall behind. In today's highly integrated economy that runs at internet speed, if you don't run faster, you fall behind. In this week's news about the missing Malaysian Airline aircraft, everyone wants to know a blo ...
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Share Kunming attack - Terror group versus ethnic group in general
2014-3-4 23:51 In the wake of the terrorist attack at Kunming, it is very easy to losely use terms such as Turkmenistan terrorist or Xinjiang terror group. In so doing it confuses the small terrorist group withthe common peopleliving in Xinjiang in general. By losely confusing with two distinct group of people, it is very easy to turn on anger against the rest of the common people living in Xinjiang who have got nothin ...
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Share TRUST 信 - What's in a name?
2014-1-4 21:10
TRUST 信 - What's in a name?
Chinese families are obsessed about having sons only because they wanttheirfamily name to be passed on. No effort is spared to ensure that the family's name is protected for it represents the status and image the family has in society. Speed up the clock 2000 years later. An old lady fell to the ground. Somekind students came to help the old lady. Now thelady claim she was pushed down by the students anddemandcompensation for medical expenses. In an ...
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Share Possessions in your life
2013-12-31 15:16
Possessions in your life
It was supposed to be a good picnic by the river on a bright sunny Sunday. But the wind became strong and a tree fell ona friend's car while she was nearby chatting. What if? It was a big question mark. What if she had been in the car instead of outside the car. It raise the question about what is actually important in life. When things like this happen, it made us realise the big difference between possession and life. With money, we can acquire posses ...
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Share Chinese in Australia on Christmas Day
2013-12-29 08:41
Looks like a beach in China? It's actually Venus Bay, Victoria. That's howsome Chinese spent their Christmas -on a beach. The kids are playing with the strong Pacific waves. The child knows no fear but the fearful mother goes chasing after him. But what are these people doing? Well, that's why the Chinese are here on this beach. They're all digging for pipi. Even the dog is helping along. But the strong sun is shini ...
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Share 12 things happy people do differently
2013-12-26 10:08
12 things happy people do differently Enjoyed your Christmas celebration and preparing for the coming new year? Well, maybe it's time to start settling down and thinking abouthow you've come so far and where to next. I thought it'll be good to share an article by Jacob Sokol of Sensophy which I've redone as a graphic for you to share. Many people are now richer and better off but not much ha ...
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Share Is China the most materialistic country in the world?
2013-12-17 16:32
Is China the most materialistic country in the world? " A recent survey conducted by global research firm IPSOS across 20 countries, found thata whopping 71% of Chinese say they gauge their success by the things they own." Survey are not meant to be absolute. It is open to interpretation and with varying degree of acceptable error rate. Nonetheless it does tell a story. It is a story of what people are spending most of ...
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Share We need the chance to create our own future ...
2013-12-3 16:46
We need the chance to create our own future ... "Most people in Chinese society will show compassion to the disabled, thinking that they need to help us," Yi says. "But that's not what we need. We need the chance to create our own future, the chance to try our best." Stuck to a wheel chair for 10 yearswithfrequent pain on his leg has not stopped Yi Xiaoyuan from achieving his dream of studying at Tsinghua University. Often when we see a disabled ...
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Share Honour Killing - Will you murder your daughter for this?
2013-11-27 16:52
Indian dentist coupleconvicted of killing teenage daughter and domestic help. Dentist couple, well educated, modern but so backward in thinking. Killed their 13 years old daughter caught in a compromising position with their house helper. They call it Honour Killing. Will they do the same if it is their son caught in the same situation with their helper? Would it be di ...
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Share Racist comments about a Chinese contestant on Dutch TV
2013-11-24 12:07
Another display of Racism on aTV show - Holland Got Talent, In a recent Holland Got Talent TV show, one of the judge, a Dutch singer named Cornelis Willem Heuckeroth, made the following comments about a Chineseopera singer, Xiao Wang, a PhD candidate, who sang " La donna e mobile". "Which number are you singing? Number 39 with rice?" "This is the best ...
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Life is a journey, to experience and grow ~ To follow your heart, to run with the flow ~ The travel you made, the people you know ~ The ups and downs, the joys and sorrows.

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  • Journey out west - Xinjiang 2015-10-7 20:51

    So-called "Xinjiang"'s landscapes are extremely varied, ranging from alpine mountains (Mt. Bogoda, Tianshan etc.) clad in a mantle of firs and beeches, to grassland (Jungaria) to the deserts (GObi, Taklimakan) and oasis towns (Turpan, Kumul, Kashgar). You can get the feel of Swiss mountains, Saharan desert and Mongolian steppe.

  • Journey out west - Xinjiang 2015-10-7 20:46

    juzunme: Yes, fresh snow is pretty but not when it melts. Well, a thing of beauty don't last forever.
    Unfortunately time was short but I would love to travel f ...
    I have been to so-called "Xinjiang" around a dozen times. It is fascinating because it is NOT like China proper; it has less uniformity and a lot more open spaces. The less Chinese it looks, the more authentic it is. Unfortunately, Urumqi is mostly a Chinese city that looks like a replica lifted straight out of the eastern sea board.

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