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Share Journey out west - Xinjiang
juzunme 2015-10-1 21:35
Journey out west - Xinjiang
I read with interest Chevalerie's blog on "The dream come true in Urumqi". It brought back past memories of a visit to Xinjiang. It was on a break during mystudy tour to Fudan University in Shanghai in 2010 that I decided to call a classmate who has gone back to her hometown in Urumqi, Xinjiang. After a long chat, I decided to makethetrip out west, 4000 km away and so totally unlikeShanghai. However what I was not pre ...
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Share Fighting for Fair
juzunme 2015-8-30 19:01
Fighting for Fair
There was a small Malaysian demonstration in Melbourne yesterday. They called it BERSIH which means clean (thats why the picture of the minion cleaning itself) The demonstration was small compared to the one in Kuala Lumpur. The focus here was on change in electoral system unlike in KL which demand for a change in Prime Minister. Considering how lives have been turned upside down in the Middle East after major changes of government without proper consideration to a compre ...
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Share What's the difference? Taiwan food scandal and Pakistan schoolchildren killed.
juzunme 2014-12-19 16:42
Two unrelated events. One in Pakistan. Another in Taiwan. One resulted in 132 children killed by the Taliban in a school. The other another food scandal from the same company providing instant noodle that people eat every other day. The other time it was oil for human mixed with oil as animal feed. This time is tofu. Both events are murder. One delivered via a bullet to the children in Pakistan. The other delivered via poison in food to the consumers in Taiwan. Ok. I'm being too dramati ...
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Share Class difference and discrimination
juzunme 2014-12-14 17:24
Thai flight forced to return by unruly Chinese passengers Korean Air flight attendant was forced to kneel in front of executive From the above two articles, it would seem that master-servant class division and discrimination is very alive in these countries. I'm sure these are two isolated incidents but they do highlight how the society view members of the service industry. Instead of seeing them as professionals in their own right, they are viewed as servants to b ...
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Share Chicken feet - so white, nice and deadly
juzunme 2014-8-26 21:44
A 16-month-old boy (body weight 11.6 kg) was found playing with an empty bottle that had contained about 230 g of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. The container had a cracked lid that allowed the contents to be sucked. White foam emerged from the child’s mouth and nose. He then walked to bed and was found dead 10 hours later. {} This same hydrogen peroxide was use to ...
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Share Money to burn
juzunme 2014-8-22 15:25
That was the title of an article about how rich kids party in Shanghai where one night out will cost $1000, a bottle of Dom Perignon cost $557 and one mega party consume 140 bottle of champagne in one single night. Alot of thought crosses my mind with regards what goes on in those young minds, how they feel about people around them, their views on money, how they were brought up by their parents, their relationship with family and friends and how people actually view them. Ma ...
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Share Map of immigrants in Melbourne and it's very RED.
juzunme 2014-8-6 18:05
Map of immigrants in Melbourne and it's very RED.
Melbourne is a multicultural city but one nationality is fast dominating the landscape. According to a CNN report on the "millionaire visa": ( /) Chinese are the biggest group to apply for Australia's 'millionaire visa' High wealth individuals must invest $A5 million in Australia to get a visa Those investing for more than four year ...
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Share Classroom Rules
juzunme 2014-8-4 21:17
Classroom Rules
I came across this interesting poster posted by a facebook friend and thought I'll repost it. It nicely summarised what I've been saying all along with regards trying to think beyond what you are currently doing and be brave to explore new areas. I said brave because many are unwilling to make mistake. They fear failure. They want to get 100 marks for everything. The only sure road is the road you walk everyday. You can be a perfect walker on that road but you will never discover anything ne ...
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Share What happen if this is a nuclear plant near Shanghai?
juzunme 2014-8-3 15:41
China factory blast reveals lax safety measures at work sites Some residents near the Kunshan factory expressed their concerns,"There are lots of factories around us, we are really afraid to be frank. The regulators come and go, but are they really doing their job?" Now, this is a factory blast that resulted in 69 death and more than 120 injured. The explosion was apparently caused by the presence of combustible dust that was generated in the production of aluminum car wheel for ca ...
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Share Why guangxi is bad for proper check and balance
juzunme 2014-7-22 21:56
Have a read of the following two case. What is there in common? THE use of out-of-date meat at the Shanghai-based food processing company at the center of a public health scandal has been going on for years, a senior employee admitted yesterday. The head of the civil affairs bureau in Hainan province has apologized for sending moldy food to typhoon victims in Wenchang city, Hainan province ...
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