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MH17 - Love, Loss and Lessons Learnt

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These were the joyful faces of three young kids (Mo, 12, Evie, 10, and Otis Maslin, 8) supposed to be back in Perth for their new school terms after their holiday in Holland. Their parents decided to stay for a few more days and so their grandfather took them back home first on the ill-fated MH17.

It is time like that that you start to stop to reflect on who are those who are important to you. What happen if they are gone? Have you said your last goodbye? That you love them. That you were sorry for the things that you wish you have not said? Or that you wish you had said what you should have said; like "I love you".

I can imagine what the parents must have going through now. The Chinese has a saying that it is always so much harder when it is the "white hair" {old} who has to sent off the "black hair" {young}. Having raise the children for so many years and suddenly for them to be gone is heart wrenching to say the least. 

Staring in space, looking at an empty future, thinking of the years gone by is the time when these people need the most support and for close family members to come together. All the politics does not matter at the moment. What matters is the people who are still living and having to live with the horror of the lost, the pain of the memory and the sleepless nightmare.

When so many lives are lost, what is found is humanity to comfort those who are left behind. While the media examine details of how and why it happens, the victims and their family examine how they are to put back their shattered lives together. While politicians try to pinpoint who is to blame for this atrocity, survivors try to pin their hope on the remaining loved ones to keep them going for the coming days.

It is not uncommon to get very heated in times of racial and international conflict which makes it all too easy for the weakest link to pull the trigger for a tragedy no one can imagine how it might spread. It is one to admire the shiny metal of a missile, it is quite another to fire it and face the consequences - somebody's children, parent, friends, family will die and home destroyed. Step two, there will be anger and retaliation leading to further bloodshed. And the never ending cycle of conflict and destruction goes on. One day someone will wonder what happen to the good old peaceful days. That someone is now sitting in Israel or Gaza.

So when was the last time you showed your love and appreciation to your loved ones?

If you need to say sorry, what are you waiting for?

If you wait to show your love, will there be a tomorrow for you to do it? 


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