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Possessions in your life

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It was supposed to be a good picnic by the river on a bright sunny Sunday. But the wind became strong and a tree fell on a friend's car while she was nearby chatting.


What if?


It was a big question mark. What if she had been in the car instead of outside the car. It raise the question about what is actually important in life. When things like this happen, it made us realise the big difference between possession and life. With money, we can acquire possession. It's not the same with life.


Possession and career are both important. But they are not as important as the life you live, your family and the people around you. When someone passed away from sickness or accident, it then that you realise what and who is really important to you. All the things you used to worry about or argue about becomes very small in comparison. The car that's crashed has no feeling. You can always get another one. But the person you lost, you'll regret it for your life for that cannot be replaced. The family relationship you sacrificed for your career can never be regain because relationship changed and moved on and are never the same. The gulf between people gets wider and soon there's not much word left to say.


Appreciate what you have. Show your love to your loved ones. Share your feelings and concerns with those around you. And realised that, like plants, relationship also need constant watering and nurturing in order to bloom into a beautiful life.


美丽人生 is the life you build, the road you walk and the worries you share with your loved ones and close friends.


Have a beautiful and wonderful 2014.


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Life is a journey, to experience and grow ~ To follow your heart, to run with the flow ~ The travel you made, the people you know ~ The ups and downs, the joys and sorrows.


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  • Journey out west - Xinjiang 2015-10-7 20:51

    So-called "Xinjiang"'s landscapes are extremely varied, ranging from alpine mountains (Mt. Bogoda, Tianshan etc.) clad in a mantle of firs and beeches, to grassland (Jungaria) to the deserts (GObi, Taklimakan) and oasis towns (Turpan, Kumul, Kashgar). You can get the feel of Swiss mountains, Saharan desert and Mongolian steppe.

  • Journey out west - Xinjiang 2015-10-7 20:46

    juzunme: Yes, fresh snow is pretty but not when it melts. Well, a thing of beauty don't last forever.
    Unfortunately time was short but I would love to travel f ...
    I have been to so-called "Xinjiang" around a dozen times. It is fascinating because it is NOT like China proper; it has less uniformity and a lot more open spaces. The less Chinese it looks, the more authentic it is. Unfortunately, Urumqi is mostly a Chinese city that looks like a replica lifted straight out of the eastern sea board.

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